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Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan honors Reverend Jimmy Terry with proclamation

City of Clarksville - Clarksville, TNClarksville, TN – The Reverend Jimmy Terry was honored Thursday with a proclamation by Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan, noting his long service to the community, Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, and Tabernacle Christian School, which he founded in 1999.

After he offered a City Council meeting prayer, in a procession rarely seen in the chamber, members of the Council and several city officials each left their seats and one-by-one approached the tall, thin preacher and gave him a big, heartfelt hug.

Hearty hugs follow Reverend Terry’s prayer.
Hearty hugs follow Reverend Terry’s prayer.

The Rev. Terry, who is battling cancer, asked the Almighty for continued blessings on America, Tennessee and the City of Clarksville. He exhorted everyone attending the meeting “to gather with your family, kneel down and pray together.”

Terry is well-known for his stirring prayers to open civic gatherings in Clarksville, and for his campaigns to place “Christmas is all about Jesus” and “Easter is all about Jesus” signs across the community.

Mayor McMillan gave Rev. Terry the final big hug of the evening, whispering, “We love you Jimmy, and thank you for all you have done for Clarksville.”

Here is the proclamation:



WHEREAS, Pastor Terry has served his family, his country, and his faith with a dedication
rarely seen; and

WHEREAS, he was led to the ministry and graduated from American Baptist College; and

WHEREAS, Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church was organized 35 years ago with the help
and assistance of Pastor Terry; and

WHEREAS, he founded a successful sign campaign in the City of Clarksville in dedicated
service to remind people of the reason for religious holidays; and

WHEREAS, Pastor Terry also serves as Chaplain of Trustees of the Baptist Memorial
Hospital in Memphis, ministering at hospitals around the Southeast; and

WHEREAS, in 1999, Pastor Terry led the way for Tabernacle Christian School to become a
reality; and

WHEREAS, through his outreach, Pastor Terry has touched in immeasurable number of lives
and has been a dedicated servant to the people around him; and

WHEREAS, he is a constant missionary, spreading love and sharing the gospel anywhere
and everywhere.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kim McMillan, Mayor of the City of Clarksville, do hereby proclaim the month of May 2017 as:


in Clarksville, Tennessee, and encourage all residents to join me in showing gratitude for the services and inspiration he provides every day to our community.


Kim McMillan, City Mayor


Sylvia Skinner, City Clerk


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