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Hilltop Supermarket’s 2nd annual Dwayne Byard Memorial BBQ Cook Off better than ever

Hilltop SupermarketClarksville, TN – On Saturday, May 6th, 2017, Hilltop Supermarket held the 2nd annual Dwayne Byard Memorial BBQ Cook Off. The weather was cool, with a slight breeze. It was just a wonderful day for the event.

Upon arriving at Hilltop, your senses were bombarded with the smell of great BBQ cooking.

The cook off was held in honor of Dwayne Byard who past away two years ago. Proceeds from the event went towards a scholarship fund for Dwayne’s grandchildren.

Perry Pratt with The Big Orange Smokers won Grand Champion at Hilltop Supermarket's 2nd annual Dwayne Byard Memorial BBQ Cook Off that was held Saturday.
Perry Pratt with The Big Orange Smokers won Grand Champion at Hilltop Supermarket’s 2nd annual Dwayne Byard Memorial BBQ Cook Off that was held Saturday.

“It’s a little windy, not near as hot as it was last year, but it’s always good to get out here with this community and enjoy some great food from some great cookers,” Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson said.

“I’m glad that Mike Jackson and his family at Hilltop does something for our side of the river,” stated Wes Evans.

People got to come up and watch the BBQers as they cooked and ask them questions if they wanted to. Some of them were even sampling a little bit.

There was BBQ, ribs and more for sell. There was also a silent auction. All money raised with the silent auction went to the scholarship fund.

Dessert entry.
Dessert entry.

“I’m glad the weather held off for the event. The food, the community gathering, the support that Hilltop is known for doing is great. It’s really great to be out here and I appreciate what they do,” said Sheriff Fuson.

Chicken, pork ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and dessert were the categories for this year. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishing teams per category and the overall Grand Champion won cash prizes. Only 1st place in dessert got a cash prize.

“The BBQ turned in today was beautiful. I was in there doing the scoring, but from everything I’ve seen and from what I’ve heard, everything was great,” said Cody Jackson, Hilltop manager.

Judging was based on a point system from 1 to 10 (10 being the best). Each entry was judge for it’s taste, texture and appearance. Total points per entry determined the champion.

One of the Chicken entries.
One of the Chicken entries.

“Judging this was difficult, I know a lot of the pulled pork, the ribs and the chicken was so close together in taste. It’s hard to judge. Hard to pick who you think the true winner is from each category,” Sheriff Fusion stated. “I tell you they were all great, hard to judge.”

There were 15 teams in this years event. They were: Big G BBQ, Serious Hog, Smokin’ in the Country, The Spice is Right, Backyard Kuisine, Midnight Smokers, Big B’s BBQ, Smoke’m if you Got’m, The Big Orange Smokers, DC’s Backyard Smokers, Grilling and Chilling, Double A, Kin Folks, Lannom’s Low & Slow BBQ, Rib Cage, The Hawgshank Redemption, and Tennessee Double D’s.

The judging started with dessert at 11:30pm, then chicken at 12:00pm, followed by pork ribs at 12:30pm, pulled pork at 1:00pm and finally beef brisket at 1:30pm.

This year’s judges were Dalton Harrison, David Morgan, Jeff Akin, John Fusion, Roy McDowell, Robert Cruise, Wes Evans, Laith Gaither, Ted Elser, Mike Frost, Randall Hite, Todd Dunn, Jerry Hester, David Foster, Mike Hopkins, Morris Stevens, and Kirk Hines.

The score sheets were computer tallied to determine the winners once the judging was done.

In the dessert category, Rib Cage won first place.

DC’s Backyard Smokers won first place in chicken. The Big Orange Smokers came in second and Grilling and Chilling placed third.

Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs

First place in pork ribs went to Double A. Serious Hog placed second with Hawgshank Redemption coming in third.

For pulled pork, it was The Big Orange Smokers nabbing first place. Rib Cage placed second and Tennessee Double D’s got third.

In beef brisket, first place went to The Big Orange Smokers. Second place was awarded to Big B’s BBQ with third going to Big G BBQ.

Once the scores from all four categories were tallied, the Grand Champion prize went to The Big Orange Smokers.

“Winning today was a first. That’s my first grand champion. So that was a good thing,” stated Perry Pratt with The Big Orange Smokers. “I love this event. This is maybe the fourth time I have competed down here. So, it’s one of my favorite contests.”

“The event was excellent, but I expected no less. I really did expect no less. Because everything they’ve done up here has been excellent,” said Evans. “You know it’s good when the city folk come over here. That’s the truth. You know it’s good when the city folk talk about it.”

Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork

“Hilltop is a great community partner. I think everybody looks forward to this event each year, especially the neighbors that live just down the road that smell it as they cook all night,” Sheriff Fusion commented. “They know that it’s going to be a big event.”

“Hilltop puts this on to give back to the community. It’s an event where people can come out, have fun, listen to music, talk to people about BBQ, see what other people’s techniques for cooking BBQ,” Jackson stated. “It’s just another event we try to do for the community on this side of the river to give back and give them something to do. It’s good family fun and a good time for everybody.

We really appreciate all of our sponsors, the judges and contestants for helping make this a great event. They were all friends with Dwayne. They all competed against Dwayne and knew him so they came out to support him and this great community we have out here,” said Jackson.


Place Team
1st The Big Orange Smokers
Place Team
1st Rib Cage
Place Team
1st DC’s Backyard Smokers
2nd The Big Orange Smokers
3rd Grilling and Chilling
Place Team
1st Double A
2nd Serious Hog
3rd Hawgshank Redemption
Place Team
1st The Big Orange Cookers
2nd Rib Cage
3rd Tennessee Double D’s
Place Team
1st The Big Orange Smokers
2nd Big B’s BBQ
3rd Big G BBQ

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Hilltop Super Market is located at 400 Highway 149, Clarksville TN. From Clarksville, you would take Hwy 48/13 south across the Cumberland river, turn right on highway 149 and Hilltop Super Market is located on the left at the top of the hill next to Freds. Hilltop serves the grocery needs of the southern Montgomery county area.

Visit their website at: www.hilltopsupermarket.com


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