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Hilltop Supermarket 2019 Dwayne Byard Memorial BBQ Cook-Off better than ever

Hilltop SupermarketClarksville, TN – It had been raining early in the morning, and rain was forecasted all day, but it let up during the Hilltop Supermarket 2019 Dwayne Byard Memorial BBQ Cook-Off. The event was held Saturday, May 4th.

“The weather actually turned out great. We thought it was going to pour down all day,” said Cody Jackson, Hilltop Supermarket. “It was a little cloudy with a few drops of rain but it wasn’t bad at all. We got lucky.”

Big B's BBQ's Brian Morrison won Grand Champion at Hilltop Supermarket's 2019 Dwayne Byard Memorial BBQ Cook Off.
Big B’s BBQ’s Brian Morrison won Grand Champion at Hilltop Supermarket’s 2019 Dwayne Byard Memorial BBQ Cook Off.

The cook-off was held in honor of Dwayne Byard who past away four years ago. Seventeen teams competed for trophies and cash prizes. There was BBQ, ribs and more available for purchase.

The teams competing this year were Pig Destroyer, DC Backyard Smokers, Smoke Em If You Got Em, Old Hogs BBQ, Smokin’ In The Country, Serious Hog, RT-Que, Double A’s, Big B’s BBQ, Lone Oak Smoke, Tristar Smokers, Buckshot Malone, The Spice Is Right, Playground Smokers, Q-Que Kentucky, Lannoms Low & Slow, and The Q Crew.

“The cook-off went great. The judges were really good. They took their time and made sure to grade everything perfectly. There were no snags. Everything went great,” Jackson stated.

The categories for this year’s cook-off were beans, dessert, chicken, pork ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket. A new special category was added to this year’s event. The special category will change year to year and the winner will receive the Eddie Davidson Award. Beans was the special category for this event.

One of the chicken entries.
One of the chicken entrees.

Teams finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place per category and the overall Grand Champion won trophies and cash prizes. Only 1st place in dessert got a cash prize. The Grand Champion cash prize was $1,000 and sponsored by Hollis & Hollis Group, Inc.

The judging started with beans at 11:00am, then dessert at 11:30am, then chicken at 12:00pm, followed by pork ribs at 12:30pm, pulled pork at 1:00pm and finally beef brisket at 1:30pm.

“All the competitors did a great job. They were here all night, cooking through the night. Everyone had a great attitude and smiles on their faces,” commented Jackson. “Their all like a big family. They all get along with each other. They compete all the time against each other. It was a great competitive, friendly atmosphere.”

When the judges were done, the sheets were entered into the computer and tallied to determine the winners.

Pig Destroyer came in first for the beans category and received the Eddie Davidson Award.

Lannoms Low & Slow won first place in the dessert category.

First place in chicken went to Serious Hog. G-Que Kentucky came in second and Big B’s BBQ placed third.

In the pork ribs category, first place was awarded to Old Hogs BBQ. Big B’s BBQ came in second and RT-Que was third place.

Serious Hog took first place in the pulled pork category. Second place was awarded to Q-Que Kentucky and Big B’s BBQ won third place.

First place for the beef brisket category went to Buckshot Malone. Tristar Smokers took home second place and Smoke Em If You Got Em placed third.

One of the beef brisket entries.
One of the beef brisket entries.

The scores from all four categories were tallied up and the Grand Champion prize was awarded to Big B’s BBQ, Brian Morrison.

“Man, the win felt great, felt great. Unexpected, but it definitely felt great,” stated Brian Morrison.

When asked how he felt about today’s cook, Morrison said, “I felt good. I didn’t think it was good enough to win it all. But I did feel good about everything I turned in.”

“I love this event. I do several cook-offs every year, but this is one of my favorites,” Morrison stated.

Serious Hog placed first in chicken and pulled pork. Their team members are Lisa Rooks, Matt Rooks, Danny Haman, Jessica Haman and Dakota Elliott.

“We are thrilled about winning today because we were friends with Dwayne and we were just devastated when he passed. So, we have been here ever since,” Lisa Rooks said, “We live all the way in Manchester Tennessee and it’s a long haul for us. But we’re willing to make the trip for his family. Because that is how much it means to us.”

“This is one of our favorite events. It’s another reason why we keep coming. It’s such an awesome event. We really love it,” stated Rooks.

Serious Hog team members (L to R) Lisa Rooks, Dakota Elliott, Matt Rooks, Jessica Haman and Danny Haman.
Serious Hog team members (L to R) Lisa Rooks, Dakota Elliott, Matt Rooks, Jessica Haman, and Danny Haman.

“Hilltop puts this on for the community,” Jackson stated. “Hilltop puts this on to give something back to the community. We are all about giving back to our community any way we can.”

This year’s sponsors are Morgan Inc., K-5 Trucking, Dennis Herrel Stump Grinding, F&M Bank, Deanna Smith Hair Design, Keese Roofing, Jackson Body Shop, MSC Inc.,1 Stop Motorsports, AR Fence, Action Air, Wyatts Body Shop, Jimmy Miller Construction, Ajax Distributing, Lafferty Construction, Keel Trucking, Planters Bank, Cumberland Bank & Trust, Hilltop Pharmacy, Binkley Automotive and Alignment, Mark Davis Trucking, Satellite Electronics, Grandmas House, Bobcat of Clarksville and Associated Wholesale Grocers.

“We appreciated everyone that came out to take part in this event. A lot of them come out every year. We had a few new ones,” said Jackson. “This is mainly for the scholarship fund, to give back to the community, and to give back to Dwayne’s grandchildren that he loved so much.”

“The community showed up, the competitors showed up, and everyone had a great time. We really appreciate everyone that came out today,” Jackson stated.

Hilltop Supermarket will be helping out with Clarksville Parks and Recreation’s Clarksville BBQ Bash set for Saturday, October 19th. For more information on the Clarksville BBQ Bash click here.

Registration is available online Now through October 14th, 2019.


Place Team
1st Big B’s BBQ
Place Team
1st Pig Destroyer
Place Team
1st Lannoms Low & Slow
Place Team
1st Serious Hog
2nd G-Que Kentucky
3rd Big B’s BBQ
Place Team
1st Old Hogs BBQ
2nd Big B’s BBQ
3rd RT-Que
Place Team
1st Serious Hog
2nd G-Que Kentucky
3rd Big B’s BBQ
Place Team
1st Buckshot Malone
2nd Tristar Smokers
3rd Smoke Em If You Got Em

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