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CDE Lightband announces Smartband Wi-Fi solution

Clarksville Department of Electricity - CDE - CDE LightbandClarksville, TN – CDE Lightband launches its new Wi-Fi solution, Smartband. Smartband is the result of a new partnership between CDE Lightband and Plume.

Together, Smartband offers an innovative platform to manage your home Wi-Fi network.

Plume’s mesh networking pods along with their app improves CDE Lightband subscriber’s online experience through self-optimizing whole-home Wi-Fi, parental controls and guest access, and advanced AI SecurityTM.

“We know that customers are doing more and more of their day to day functions for their families with Wi-Fi enabled devices in their homes. We are excited to offer a new product that answers all the challenges our customers may have in managing their home Wi-Fi needs,” stated Brian Taylor, general manager of CDE Lightband.

Smartband powered by Plume includes:

  • Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi™ intelligently monitors, adjusts and optimizes home networks for the highest level of Internet performance throughout the premises
  • AI Security™ detects and protects, with motion detection and ad and malware blocking. For added protection, the system halts suspicious activity and quarantines any compromised devices
  • HomePass® for parental controls and guest access. Manage the type of content that each device or profile can access, even block specific content by device or profile
  • The Plume® App provides easy setup. Delivers daily reports on home Wi-Fi signal strength and network activity
  • CDE Lightband includes one SuperPodTM, with additional pods available as needed depending on the size of the home.

“Plume is proud to work with CDE Lightband to deliver an unparalleled internet experience through reliable whole-home Wi-Fi, personalized parental controls, guest access, and tightly secured devices,” said Tyson Marian, Chief Commercial Officer at Plume. “CDE Lightband introduces a powerful solution for the ever-changing smart home.”

Smartband powered by Plume is now available for CDE Lightband customers.

For more information about Smartband visit CDE Lightband’s website, call 931.648.8151, or come by our new customer service center at 2021 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard, Clarksville Tennessee.

For more information on Smartband powered by Plume, visit www.cdelightband.com/smartband


About CDE Lightband

CDE Lightband Customer ServiceCDE Lightband is a municipally-owned public power and broadband service provider serving 72,000 electric and 22,000 broadband customers with the city limits of Clarksville, TN.

CDE Lightband provides reliable utilities delivered at the speed of light. Our service area, consisting of 100 square miles within the municipal boundaries, includes 892 miles of power lines and 960 miles of fiber optic cable.

Our world-class Fiber Optic Network keeps electric costs low and allows us to deliver exceptional products and constant innovation. The network provides savings of over $1 million annually in operating costs and provides over $5 million annually in income for electrical grid improvements that result in half as many large scale power outages compared to peer cities.

Additionally, access to our network increases home values by 3% or an average of over $5,000, according to the Fiber to the Home Council. Based in large part on access to the superior digital products provided by CDE Lightband, Clarksville has been designated a first 50 “Next Century City.”

CDE Lightband offers Electricity, Internet, Digital TV and Telephone services with blazing fast speed and superior performance … with the additional convenience of 24/7 local support and bundling all your utilities into a single bill.

Our staff includes 200 full-time employees, a management team with over 100 years of combined industry expertise and governance provided by a board of five local business leaders.

For more information, visit their website at www.cdelightband.com

About Plume®

Plume is the creator of the world’s first Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform powered by OpenSync™. As the only open and hardware-independent solution, Plume enables the curation and delivery of new Smart Home Services rapidly and at massive scale.

The Plume service bundle which includes Plume Adaptive WiFi™, HomePass®, AI Security™, and Plume Motion™ is managed by the Plume Cloud, a data- and AI-driven cloud controller currently running the largest software-defined network in the world. Plume leverages OpenSync, an open-source framework which integrates into a broad set of silicon & platform SDKs for connection to the Plume Cloud.

Visit Plume on the web discover.plume.com, plume.com & opensync.io. Plume, Plume Adaptive WiFi, HomePass, AI Security, Plume Motion and OpenSync are either trademarks, or registered trademarks of Plume Design, Inc.


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