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City of Clarksville reports Street Cameras are back online

City of Clarksville - Ward 9Clarksville, TN – As of Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, the City of Clarksville’s nine street cameras are once again fully operational after a short hiatus due to a need for replacement.

The cameras, four of which the City launched in 2015, and added five more since were temporarily disabled while replacements were made to modernize and upgrade obsolete systems. The new cameras from Reolink are smaller and provide higher-quality real-time traffic monitoring in compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act.

With all cameras operational, the public will be able to identify major congestion points, accidents, or road closures on any device 24/7, which will allow drivers to adjust travel plans.

“The street cameras are for the public to view real-time traffic and weather conditions,” said City Traffic Engineer Chris Cowan. “They help the community make informed decisions during high congestion areas, and they also help us identify potential infrastructure improvements.”

The cameras are located in these areas throughout the City:

  • Exit 4 (Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and I-24)
  • Exit 11 (Martin Luther King Boulevard and I-24)
  • Street Street, North and Riverside Drive
  • Martin Luther King Boulevard and Madison Street
  • Peachers Mill Road and 101st Airborne Division Road
  • Providence Boulevard and Peachers Mill Road
  • Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and Forrest Hills Drive
  • Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and Terminal Road
  • Rossview Road and Dunbar Cave Road

The public can view the cameras on the City of Clarksville website under Street Cameras. The feeds are not monitored or recorded, as they are not intended to fight crime or be used as reporting tools.


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