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Smoke Testing Sewer Lines in North Clarksville


Clarksville Gas & Water DepartmentHydromax USA will be performing sewer line smoke testing for the Clarksville Gas and Water Department in the North Clarksville area. This will include Bel Air, Dalewood, Virginia Terrace, Rolling Acres, Colonial Village, Park Lane, Lealand, and surrounding subdivisions beginning Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 through Friday, September 17th, 2010.

Smoke testing is a cost-effective preventative maintenance method to identify possible defects, cracks or opening in the City’s wastewater collection system to help crews locate areas in the sewer line for further examination.

Area residents may see “smoke testing” signs in their neighborhood and should not be alarmed if smoke is rising from manholes or sewer line right-of-ways as testing progresses. Residents may contact the on-site crew if smoke is noticed in or around the home.

Smoke Test Notice to Residents

Hydromax USAOver the next few days, field crews will be conducting a survey of the wastewater collection system in your neighborhood. Hydromax USA, under contract with CDM and The City of Clarksville, will be performing this work. The field crews will be opening manholes in the streets. Information collected during this study will be used to improve and repair the wastewater collection system.

Field crews from Hydromax USA will conduct Smoke Testing in your area during the next few days. These crews blow smoke into the sewer lines and manholes in order to locate broken pipes and other defects. The smoke will exit from the vent pipes on the roofs of houses.

Trap to Sewer Example

Trap to Sewer Example

The smoke is non-toxic, leaves no residue, and creates no fire hazard. The smoke will not enter your house unless there is defective plumbing present or the drain traps are dry. To help prevent smoke from entering your house, please pour about a gallon of water into any seldom used drain. Doing this will fill the drain traps and prevent smoke from entering your home.

At no time will the field crews need to enter your house and you do not need to be at home during the test.

Some Common Questions and Answers

  1. Is Smoke Harmful?
    No. It may make you cough, but it is not harmful to your health (not recommended to continually breathe in for long periods of time) and will not harm your clothing, drapes, or furniture.  If you have any concerns because of an adverse breathing condition please contact us prior to testing.
  2. What Do You Do If The Smoke Gets Into Your House/Business?
    Contact the crew working in the area. Open windows for ventilation. When you receive notice that smoke testing will take place, you should check to see that all traps under basins, washing facilities, and floor drains have water in them.
  3. What Is The Purpose Of Smoke Testing?
    To find possible leaks in the sanitary sewer system and roof drain connections.
  4. I Will Not Be At Home During The Smoke Testing And Have Pets In The House, What Should I Do?
    The smoke is not harmful to pets. It would be a good idea to leave several windows partially open for ventilation should any smoke enter the building. If you have proper connections and all of the traps have water in them, the likelihood of there being any problems is minimal.
  5. If Smoke Does Get Into The House/Business, How Long Does It Take For The Smoke To Dissipate?
    This will depend on how much smoke enters the building and how much ventilation you can provide. Opening windows and ventilating normally clears smoke quickly.
  6. Can Smoke Stop Up the Sewers?
    No. The smoke is vaporous.
  7. What Happens If You Find A Bad Sewer Or Lack of Traps In A Building?
    This information will be documented and will be given to CDM and The City of Clarksville to determine what steps are necessary to remedy the problem. 

Your cooperation is appreciated. Should you have any additional questions, please contact:




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