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Why Adults Should Go to Church Camp


I Survived Church CampClarksville, TN – My 10 year old just returned from camp. This is the text he sent me on the way back:

“Thank you so much for the  camp. I got to worship God and go conning (canoeing) in the river and go on slipping slide. We also did this thing at night were we at to get our flag and to find it we went in the woods and everywhere and if we din’t get it the other teams would get it and get to have it.”

“did you know at the camp I was just at eatch (each) cabin had there own team and eatch team had there own coler we were the and every team weres a bandana with there coler  on it were the red team and every team has there own flag with their own coler on . we’re the red ninjas.”

“We also did a rely race and played kick ball and dodge ball against other teams. We even went in the river on a water chrampallen (trampoline) into the river and we went on a huge flipping thing in the river. I held on the back of it I mean I wasn’t even on it I holding to a then I went up tewenty feet and dropped into and we did other fun stuff.”

Why Adults Need Camp

  • Designated time with God to praise Him
  • Terrible cell phone reception; a chance to really unplug
  • Time outside walking in the woods, canoeing, checking out nature
  • Time to play; a chance to remember how to have fun and be joyful
  • Time to learn something new, take a few risks, and to be reminded of what’s important

I asked him how he worshiped God at camp and he said he “singed” and he learned how to be a rebel. He explained that he doesn’t have to be like everyone else and that he doesn’t have to do bad things to impress others.

Yep. I believe we all need a dose of that.

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  1. Victoria York Says:
    June 12th, 2013 at 2:41 pm
    Victoria York

    So cute! I want to play on “a huge flipping thing”!!


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