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A Future With Promise

John FarmerMy name is John Farmer and I am a candidate for the Tennessee Congressional District Eight Republican nomination.

As a Conservative, my campaign is certainly about those things you normally think about, pro-Life, pro-Family, Immigration control and the standard fair. However, as a Reagan Conservative, it is about much more than that.

With the exodus of the manufacturing base from District Eight along with soaring energy costs, there are some real “meat and potatoes” issues that our leadership must deal with in the next Congress. I have some real questions that need to be answered.

Where is all of the opportunity that the NAFTA and CAFTA trade agreements were supposed to bring to Tennessee? Why are we giving oil companies taxpayer money in subsidies when they are making record profits? And when will our sons and daughters begin to come home from Iraq?

I have a simple philosophy; get government out of our business and wallets.

A lot of people in the District are hurting due to bad trade deals, bad energy policies, and over regulation by government. I believe it is time we held our government accountable.

I am excited about the future of this country, but I also think it is time for leadership that serves the people and not the select few who write big checks to campaigns. With your help we can make government work for us, not against us.

Thanks in advance for your support. Regardless of who you support in this election cycle, please get out and exercise your right to vote.


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