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Why I wish to serve my community


I am Jimmie M. Garland, candidate for re-election as District 5 representative for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School Board. It has been an honor to serve as your representative during the past four years. I would be honored to be your choice to represent you during this next session.

As board member, my focus will continue to be on the needs of the students. As your representative, my focus has been on ensuring that “ALL” means “ALL” when it comes to student achievement. That will continue to be the focus of my energies should your allow me to continue to serve.

The board has made significant strides during the past four years. We have worked with the leadership to the District to redirect the focus of energies to better serve the purpose of our existence, “the students”. We have done this by realigning curriculums, establishing obtainable goals, opening up communication channels between the staff and the public and established method of operations that allows employees to focus on assigned missions.

Though successful on some issues, we still have work to do. We need to find alternative ways to gain the trust and confidence of you the constituent. I pledge to work harder at meeting this objective by being open to your communication and responsive to your recommendation.

Why am I adamant about the stability of our current system of operation?

Through personal association with board members across the state and nation, I am convinced that our method of operation is one of the best in exist Nance. We have a school system that is gathering interest of systems across the nation. The recent recruitment of our Director is a signal that our system is reaching prominence. We are doing this while experiencing a deficit in per-pupil funding.

As your representative, I would like remain on the team to ensure our focus remains on track during the transition to our new Directorship. I would also like to be there for the children.

Other reasons I am interested in remaining a member of the team are:

  1. Our children deserve better the best education as well as educators.
  2. Our schools should be funded to the fullest extent possible.
  3. Parents have in the past been victimized by a system that was out of touch with reality; today that bridge is being dissolved.
  4. We need to continue the trends set during the past five years to ensure the successful ascension of our young adults into society.

What I believe:

I believe the business of operating a school system should be conducted in an open public forum.

I believe parents should be kept informed of the needs of the system to ensure the growth of our children.

I believe all elected officials should be held accountable for ensuring funds received to operate public trusts are spent wisely.

I believe the will of the majority of the community of interest voting population should form elected officials opinions and greatly influence their decisions.

A candidate who will hear their concerns and respond appropriately should represent CMCSS School Board District 5.

As your elected representative, I will continue to work diligently with members of the school board to improve the quality of our education system. I will do this by exercising good judgement, voting responsibly, and evaluating all issues impartially.

What I need from you the voter.

To accomplish the goals outlined above; I need your help to get the message out to residents of CMCSS School-Board, District 5, in particular. Please exercise your constitutional right this election season by voting to support positive change. I would appreciate it if your vote were cast for me on August 3, 2006.

Thank You.

Jimmie M. GarlandJimmie M. Garland
Incumbent, District 5
CMCSS School-Board
Tele: (931) 216-6745
Email: garlandj1@juno.com

Jimmie Garland, Sr.
Jimmie Garland, Sr.http://www.freewebs.com/jimmiegarland/
I am a civil right activist/Advocate. I currently serve as the President of the Clarksville Branch of the NAACP. I am also the Tennessee State Conference of the NAACP 2nd Vice President. I am an elder of my church, True Vine WGC, and the Vice President of Big Brother Big Sisters of Clarksville. Have represented the CMCSS District 5, As Schoolboard Representative.

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