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Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Weather watch: Arctic air turns every continental U.S. state blue

Courtesy of WSI (www.wsi.com)

Despite the near-balmy mid-40s temperatures today, the cold is coming. Bitter cold.

This frost/freeze  map posted on Intellicast, a weather forecasting service, indicated bright blue in every single state on the continental U.S.  Only Southern California, the very edges of the Gulf states, and the southern tip of Florida will be unaffected by sub-freezing tempertures over the next few days.

While early morning lows will approach the -0- mark,  daytime highs will remain in the 20s for the next few days, so it could be worse in Middle Tennessee. Northern Vermont and upstate New York, Michigan and Minnesota — most of the states in the northern tier — are in for some minus-40 readings, not counting the windchill.  Even sunny California, about 2/3 of it, will  be below that pivotal 32 degree mark.

Dress appropriately, especially if you have to remain outdoors for any length of time.The only thing that will high through Saturday is the amount of heat it will take to stay warm. Higher fuel bills will be an inevitable consequence.



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