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Saturation patrols nets 17 DUI violations

flashing-police-lightsThe Clarksville Police Department has released the results of their Jan. 30 and 31 DUI Checkpoint and saturation patrols (partially funded by the Governor’s Highway Safety Office). The patrol is designed to detect DUI/Impaired drivers.

This patrol yielded the following results: 17 DUIs, 1 Implied Consent, 3 Reckless Driving, 1 Failure to Use Reasonable Care, 22 Speeding, 1 Move Over Law, 13 Insurance Law, 1 Seat Belt, 16 Equipment Violations, 5 Driver License Violations, 5 Revoked/Suspended Driver Licenses, 9 Vehicle Registration, 4 Traffic Signal Violations, 4 Tint, 1 drug Paraphernalia, 1 Simple Possession – Drugs, 1 Public Intoxication, 1 Disorderly Conduct, 1 Unlawful Carrying of a Deadly Weapon and1 T.V. Available to Driver.


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