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Trip to Muhammad Ali Center inspires youth

Muhammad Ali Center Louisville KentuckyLasting Improvements For Excellence Inc. (LIFE), and its founder Mr. Kenneth Albritton took 29 kids from Lincoln Homes and neighborhoods around the city and, on a field trip to the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville Kentucky.

Van transportation to the center was provided by Faith Mission Ministries Church Clarksville, Pastors Harold and Gwen Browning. The trip was also made possible by the generous donations and support from Leonard and Michael Tharpe from Brandon Technologies Incorporated, Tennessee State Representative Joe Pitts, the local chapter of the Triple Nickel, Tennessee State Senator Tim Barnes, Terry & Wanda McMoore of the Urban Resource Center, Vision Construction Company, Sergeant Major Sidney Brown, along with several anonymous donors.

In a letter to the parents Mr. Kenneth Albritton reminded them of the accomplishments of Muhammad Ali, and stressed the mission statement of his organization LIFE.

As you may already know, Mr. Ali was not just a great boxer, but a man who respected himself as well as others, but who more importantly depended on “A Higher Power” to guide his life., Depending on that “Higher Power” for guidance is at the foundation of what we do at LIFE Inc.

LIFE Inc’s aim is to teach these young people about being real young men and young women, instead of thugs, to have respect for themselves as well as respect for others, and learning the importance of education and applying that education in their lives.

It is my belief that we have a responsibility to step in for ALL absent parents and encourage our young people to be whatever they desire to be in life, and that they can aspire to be more than just basketball players, football players, singers and entertainers; they can become lawyers, doctors, police officers, teachers, firemen, scientist and whatever else their little hearts desire.

Life Inc. is the same organization that takes the youth to extreme Ministries for karate and boxing lessons and hope to expand it trips to other regions of the country though out the year.


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