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Clarksville-Montgomery County School System News

northeastbasketballNews about the Clarksville-Montgomery County School system provided by local parent Thea Agnew

The Northeast High School Boys Basketball Team  was recognized last night at the Board of Education meeting.

Congratulations to the Eagles for their accomplishments in basketball this year. The list includes:

  • Season District Champs!
  • Tournament District Champs!
  • 1st Sub State win in school history!
  • 1st State Appearance in school history!
  • Finished top four in state!
  • 27-7 record which was a school record!

We all have a feeling we will hear more from this team in the coming year!

Teachers of the Year for 2009

Clarksville-Montgomery Co. 2009 Teachers of the Year go to:

Mittura has also been selected as the Regional Tennessee Teacher of the Year! He will next be considered for the Grand Division Competition.

Congratulations were sent out to each of these exceptional educators for their outstanding service to our children and community.  These Teachers received their degrees as non-traditional students.  Chancellor and Mittura were Military Veterans.  Orden is a Military Spouse.

2009-2010 Strategic Goals and Work for Montgomery County Schools

The CMCSS School Board will focus on four main goals for the coming school year.

1.  Improving Student Achievement

  • New Standards
  • Rigor/Relevance
  • Meet/exceed adequate yearly progress (AYP)
  • Implement High School redesign
  • Improvement plan for special education program

2.  Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Develop and implement energy plan for the school system
  • Hiring and retaining quality teachers

3.  Building Leadership Capacity

  • Provide quality professional development
  • Provide professional development opportunities for future administrators

4.  Engage the Public

  • Building community partnerships
  • Web Casts
  • Provide more opportunities for public feedback

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Additional monies will be provided to CMCSS over the next two years to be used in the Title 1 and Special Education Programs. The distribution of these monies will be closely monitored with accountability requirements for each amount spent.

Special Education Funds will be used for:

  • Gifted and Talented programs
  • High needs special education students
  • Improves services for Occupational/Physical Therapists
  • Middle/High School special Education students in social studies/science
  • Increased professional development and support for special education and regular education staff

Title 1

  • Emphasis for these funds will be placed on instructional support for grades k-2.

Calendar Revision

The board voted to forgive the fourth snow day as the school system had stockpiled an ample amount of hours in reserve for just such a situation.  The school system already had three snow days built into the calendar for this school year.

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