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2011 City Budget Continued

By Councilman Bill Summers

Here is some additional proposed city budget information.

Major City Capital Projects:

ADA Sidewalk repairs and upgrades: $3,000,000 (required by federal court order…that is a chunk of the budget each year)

Pettus Park upgrades: $50,000

Airport Terminal Construction: $1,750,000  (County will match and this will allow the  new terminal to be built.  We have grabbed every grant left and none remain to help pay for the project.  The current terminal is over 50-years old and is falling apart.)

Dome for New Providence Pool: $320,000 (allows all season access to swimming for city residents)

Fort Defiance Displays: $60,000 (we have gotten close to $1.5 million in grants to build this and get it ready for the 150 anniversary of the Civil War.  Clarksville will be placed as a major stop during the 4-year remembrance of the war.  However, this is not enough to build a nice display area in the building.  We are looking to open the fort next April during Rivers and Spires, which will be the exact week the war started 150 years ago.  If we want people to come and the word to get around about a great display of local war history, more money is needed.  The amount is $290,000.  I am working to find that money.  This building and display will have a major impact on the Riverwalk and Greenway traffic when the Red River Bridge to the River Walk is built.)

Drainage Mitigation: $300,000 (seed money by the city with hopefully sizable FEMA money to come to buy out homes that have continual flooding problems)

Spring Street Open Air/Farmers/Event Market: $250,000  (Remodel of the warehouse-looking building the city owns on Spring Street to provide for this display/selling market place.)

Smith-Trahern Mansion Driveway: $50,000 (needed it years ago since this is a city landmark)

Clarksville Greenway Bridge: $1,100,000 (major bridge section to allow completion of the Greenway to the Kenwood High School Complex and Heritage Park)

Other projects that we will be looking to fund this budget:

East-West Corridor Update and Alternatives Study: $40,000+/-

Paperless council operations: Should get costs tomorrow.  (Looking to offset with other supply or labor savings in city budget)

Caution light at Edmundson Ferry and 41A: $34,000 (State will repay Clarksville)

Fire Truck: $450,000

Pettus Park: $25,000 (amount needed to be added to the current $50,000 (listed above) to install a playground water area)

Some areas we (at least some of us, me included) are looking to cut out of the budget are some non-profit donations of city money.  Example Korean Association, Hispanic Organization for Progress and Education.  Many of you last year told me these needed cutting.   More to come on that topic.


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