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The Clarksville Civil War Roundtable’s next meeting is February 15th, 2012

The 95th Meeting

Clarksville Civil War RoundtableClarksville, TN – The next meeting of the Clarksville (TN) Civil War Roundtable will be on Wednesday, February 15th at the Bone & Joint Center, 980 Professional Park Drive, right across the street from Gateway Hospital. This is just off Dunlop Lane and Holiday Drive and only a few minutes east of Governor’s Square mall. The meeting begins at 7:00pm and is always open to the public. Members please bring a friend or two – new recruits are always welcomed.

The meetings topic is “Nashville – Siren’s Song of the Confederacy”

The fall of Fort Donelson on February 16th, 1862, set off a chain reaction of events in Middle Tennessee that culminated with the capture of Nashville, the Volunteer State’s capital some days later. The last state to secede (June 1861), the loss of Nashville was a major blow to state morale as well as Confederate hopes for independence.

Nashville then became the focus of no less than five Confederate offensives to capture it either directly, or indirectly, which dominated Confederate strategy in the west for the rest of the war.

In essence, this telegraphed the Southern playbook to the Union Army so that they were able to make their own plans to retain hold of the city. Beginning in April 1862 and ending in December 1864, with the Confederate Army of Tennessee literally on the doorstep, Nashville remained in Union hands, becoming the major supply depot for all western campaigns conducted by their army.

Our speaker, CWRT president Greg Biggs, will detail the importance of Tennessee and Nashville before going into each of the campaigns to retake the city by the Confederates. Some of these offensives might be a surprise considering where they went, but part of their goal was getting Nashville back. The program will analyze these movements and the corresponding events after they failed.

Greg Biggs, president of the Clarksville CWRT, is also a flag historian, tour guide and research historian for some notable authors. He has lectured across the country to CWRTs, conferences and other history groups and has lead tours for many of them as well as the US Army.

Please join us for Greg Biggs and his program on the attempts to retake Nashville, Tennessee.

Please join us for another informative meeting of the Clarksville Civil War Roundtable.


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