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Clarksville Police Department “Special Operations” commander talks about department

Hank Bonecutter

Hank Bonecutter

Clarksville, TN – Captain Craig Gipson says he’s been in a uniform since he was seventeen, so it was only natural that when he left military service after a twelve year career, that he would become a cop.

Now, as commander of the Clarksville Police Department’s “Special Operations” unit, Gipson is responsible for everything from drugs and homicide to domestic violence and crisis negotiation.  In an interview on “Clarksville in Review” on 1400am WJZM, Gipson talked about his department.

“My department was know as the major crimes unit of the police department.  I suggested the name change to Chief Ainsley because major crimes was an catch-all phrase for ALL crimes.  Each division of this unit is made up of officers who have “special” training in the areas they investigate.  They’re all “major crimes” but the skill and knowledge to work those crimes is special” said Gipson.

The Special Operations division includes, narcotics, homicide, K-9, evidence, domestic violence, S.W.A.T, crisis negotiation, crime scene and soon, a new drug interdiction unit.  When asked about the new drug unit  Gipson said “It’s a full time job working drugs at the street level.  Traffic officers have their hands full, and other areas of the police department are busy, so the mayor and city council approved the money for this unit.  It will fall under the K-9 commander, and will include four additional officers.  It’s going to get a lot more difficult to move drugs in the City of Clarksville.”

There’s certainly no fame and fortune being a cop, but as Gipson said, “It’s the excitement, the adrenaline, the bond with your fellow officers, and bottom line, getting the bad guy off the street.”

To hear the entire interview, follow this link.  Clarksville In Review Podcast 06/16/12

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