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Tess Lankovich displays sizzling artwork

Tess Lankovich displays a realistic painting of herself
Tess Lankovich displays a realistic painting of herself

Clarksville, TN – Local Artist Tess-Marites B. Lankovich plans to take her artwork to the next level in the near future. “I want to move on from state to state and enlighten people on the other side of mosaic artwork and what I have created,” said Lankovich, who is one of the leading mosaic artists in the city.

Lankovich was born in the Philipines. Before moving to Clarksville 12 years ago, she and her family lived in Connecticut. Lankovich has been painting since she was nine years old, but didn’t realize how gifted she really was until 15 years ago. Lankovich has always enjoyed expressing herself through her artistry. “I love everything that contributes to creativity,” she said.

A perfectionist, the artist works hard to ensure that each of her creations present a clear story to her audiences. Every piece has meaning. “A lot of people can benefit from the study and development of it. I love what I do. Hopefully some of the educators and universities will find it interesting enough to show other people what it’s all about.”

Like many artists, Lankovich finds inspiration in legendary painters like Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gough. However, she is influenced by people of other talents as well. “I am actually inspired by a lot of talented people in the world,” she explained.

Lankovich is currently a student at Bethel University, planning to graduate in early 2014 with a bachelors of science degree in business. Though she is busy with school and work, she still finds time to channel her creativity with her work. Nearly every inch of her home is full of her art, each piece telling a unique story of its own.

She presented an exclusive called “From the heart.” The model is a collection of military gadgets in honor of the troops including military belt buckles and flags. One of her favorites pieces of mosaic art is called “The Sacrifice,” a portrait that depicts Jesus Christ carrying the cross on the way to cavalry. Another of her pieces had dollar bills in it as a visual prop.

The last stunning display on the tour of her home was a portrait of Lankovich that was painted by painter Derrick Quarles. The realistic portrait depicts Lankovich wearing an elegant black hat and blue shirt. With assistance from Lankovich, Quarles perfectly captured her facial features and complexion. In the picture, Lankovich is standing in front of a blue background with her long dark hair descending into her crossed arms.

Lankovich recently submitted two water-color paintings to The 2012 Regional Juried Art Exposition. Together, the two paintings tell a story. The first is entitled “Waiting for you,” and the second is called “I’m here.”

Lankovich has an exhibition planned for later in the year. “This is the future for me,” she explained. “I want to continue exhibiting. I want to leave a special legacy so that when I pass on, my family will have my work and I can inspire other artists.”

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