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An evening with Pat Summitt

Pat SummittClarksville, TN – Friends and family gathered at the Charles Hand farm to welcome home one of their own last night.  Pat Summitt, the winningest basketball coach in the history of the game, came home.

This time, it wasn’t to generate support for her basketball team, or her university, it was to support “Sis.” You see, Pat Summitt is in the fight of her life, and where better to draw strength and encouragement than from friends and family.

After all, when it’s all said and done, family is all you’ve got.

Over 500 people turned out to raise money and awareness for the Pat Summitt Foundation, established to bring awareness to Alzheimers disease. Pat Summitt was diagnosed with early onset dementia, Alzheimers type, and she was forced to resign as the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Tennessee.

Now, “Sis” is working a new game plan. Looking to conquer a new foe. And if her track record is any indication, she will beat this opponent too.

Pat SummittI’ve known the Head family for over twenty years.  There’s no better example of a good, hard working, loving family than who Richard and Hazel Head raised in Fredonia Tennessee. Every step of the way, this community shared the accomplishments of Pat Summitt, cheering for the Lady Vols, and watching their hometown girl conquer the world.

It was amazing.

Now, we’re engaged in a battle of the unknown.  Alzheimers.  And while it breaks my heart to see what this disease does to so many people, I am confident that if anybody can whip this disease, it’s Pat Summitt. Hell, her “game face” is enough to strike fear in the Devil himself.  Piece of cake.

But, last night was more than just barbeque and money. It was more than just raising awareness. It was about home and family. It was about the people who love us and will support us no matter what the circumstances. It was about victory and defeat, inspiration and encouragement.

Pat SummittLast night was about being there when the spotlight is turned off.  When the cameras stop rolling.  When practice is over. Coming home. Feeling the love of those who cheered us on during our life, and want us to win just one more time.

Pat Summitt will always be “Sis.”  Pat Summitt will always be Richard and Hazel’s little girl. Pat Summitt will always be Tommy Charles, Kenneth and Linda’s sister. Pat Summit will always be ours, and nobody can ever take that away.

We back Pat.

To learn more about the Pat Summitt Foundation, and the fight against Alzheimers, www.patsummitt.org.

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