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Winter Market Friday at the Smith Trahern Mansion

UT Extension OfficeClarksville, TN – On Friday November 16th, come out to the Winter Market at the Smith Trahern Mansion, Home of Family and Community Education, “Life Skills Learning Center” 101 McClure Street, Clarksville, TN from 9:30am until 1:00pm.

Last Friday, there were so many vendors and not as many shoppers as could support such a grand market. The variety was great and the products were so good. If there was nothing but the honey and bread I would have been happy.

There was also turnip greens, eggs, and fried pies in chocolate, apple peach and apricot. There were the most wonderful fabric crafts and jewelry. There was even more fine art and even though I had to leave early I shop fast and got a good many good local products.

The Volunteer coordinator is Barbara Brown 931.801.0822  assisted by Mansion Director Debby Johnson. The mansion will be open for vendors by 8:10am and you set up and clean up after each market day.

If you come week after week we try an assure you the same space and we ask that you be there early/8:10am. We ask new participants to come at 8:45am so that we can then fill in the spaces with these vendors.

Make sure to come out Friday to the Winter Market.


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