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Northeast High School coach headed to Guatemala

Grace Community ChurchClarksville TN – Josh Roberts is a football coach for Northeast High School.  After a stellar playing career in high school and college, Josh has always wanted to help young people to be the best they can be.  That’s what led him to coaching.

But it was his sister who led him to a higher calling of service and sacrifice.

He explains:

When I was 21 years old my sister approached me with the idea of taking a mission trip to Guatemala. The objective was to build a playground at a school that she and another group had previously constructed. To tell you the truth I wasn’t interested. I was playing football in college and that consumed my thoughts and the majority of my time. Breaks in that time were for going to the lake or hanging out with friends. I accepted her invitation and went thinking I was going on a vacation. Honestly, before that, when I got on a plane it was for a trip with the family.

Mission trips are no surprise to Clarksville.  Many area churches spend their time, money, and resources to “spread the love of Jesus” to those who have so little, but can be encouraged by those of us who take the time to reach out and make someone’s life a little better.

The rewards are enormous as Josh explains:

I have been to Guatemala 10 times since and led two of those trips. I’ve built playgrounds, constructed chicken coups, painted schools, fixed roofs, and built bakeries, but most importantly built relationships with people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and taken a chance. After all these trips I can truthfully tell you that this place and these people have done way more for me than I could ever do for them. These trips have changed my life/way of viewing the world. Before I went I really had no idea how blessed I was, also how selfish I could be. I make mistakes and have ups and downs everyday but the lasting impressions of the people that I have met and served with there resonate with me every day.

This group will leave the day after Christmas, as all of us try to recoup from all the excitement of the holidays.  We’ll be gearing up for the new year, football and celebrations.  Grace Community Church, Josh Roberts, and his team will be traveling to a part of the world that most of us will never see.  Touching lives that need it the most.

The girls that live here have been through circumstances that I could only imagine. The nuns that staff the home have requested that we help with the girls’ dorm/sleeping area. We will be painting and repairing the bathroom facilities. Each time we go to the girls’ home we do our best to help with the way the orphanage looks. Most of the children will spend the majority of their childhood there and we want them to be proud of where they live. We are also traveling to LaToma where we will install ovens for families that are in need.

In a time when we don’t seem to find any good news, this trip exemplifies our faith in the next generation, and the belief that they will do the right thing, and they do care for others.

If you would like to help Josh and his team, and support the work of this church, then feel free to donate anything you can afford.

Send your contributions to:

Grace Community Church
583 Pressgrove Drive
Clarksville, TN 37043

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