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Clarksville’s Customs House Museum to celebrate Season of Equine starting November 11th

Clarksville's Customs House Museum and Cultural CenterClarksville, TN – Beginning November 11th the galleries of the Customs House Museum will showcase the horse. Included in the Season of Equine are paintings, antiques, photographs, sculptures, and vintage toys.

The two-story Crouch Gallery will feature the art of Eric L. Hansen, titled Blood Rescue.

Blood Rescue - Eric Hansen
Blood Rescue – Eric Hansen

This suite of work began as homage to the cave drawings in Lascaux and Chau vet. As the Shaman killed horses, using their blood to document and tell stories on rock, these new mixed media portraits have taken on an additional story with Hansen’s passion for the need of horse slaughtering regulations.

Just as the Shaman mixed ochre with the horse blood to make paint for the original cave drawings, Hansen continues this tradition of documenting by using horse blood shipped to him by Amazon in his work, giving new life to the rescued horses of the Tennessee Queen of Hearts Farm.

My Kingdom for a Horse features horse themed art and antiques on loan from the Tennessee State Museum, West Tennessee Regional Art Center, and private collections. The Challenge and Champions Sports Gallery houses an exhibit on the Tennessee walking horse with items on loan from the National Walking Horse Museum and Clarksvillian Betty Corlew, who rode two world champions in her competition days.

The museum’s Memory Lane houses a Tack shop and the children’s Explorer Hall showcases vintage horse toys from the Customs House collection. The Kimbrough Gallery displays work by members of the American Academy of Equine Art, Inc. Established in 1980 by distinguished artists; the group aims to promote the academic representation of the equine form in drawing, painting and sculpture.

Photographer Anthony Scarlati’s work is on view in the Planters Bank Peg Harvill Gallery. Anthony has spent more than twenty years working in the entertainment, sports and equine industries. Published photo credits include numerous entertainment, equine and special interest publications along with editorial portraits spanning across all genres of music.

His show, titled Paper Mustangs, features still and video images of wild mustangs that now reside in Tennessee. All of the exhibited images and video were taken in a matter of four hours.

Along with the exhibits, the museum will host horse-related events during the Season of Equine run, including Eric Hansen’s Art & Lunch gallery talk on Thursday, November 20th. This event is free to the public.

Located at the corner of Second and Commerce Streets, the Customs House Museum is the second largest general museum in Tennessee.

For more information on above events contact Terri Jordan, Exhibits Curator, at 931.648.5780 or


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