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Tennessee Republican Party says Be Prepared and Be Patient on Election Day

Tennessee Republican PartyNashville, TN – With voters set to head to the polls tomorrow for the SEC Primary, Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes is asking voters to be as informed as possible prior to casting their ballot.

“We’re looking at a critically important decision for our nation and voters need to be as familiar as possible with what they will come across in the voting booth,” stated Haynes.

Vote Be Counted

Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett has released a helpful Voter App that allows Tennessee voters the chance to study the large Republican ballot.

The GoVoteTN Voter App can be downloaded easily on phones.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, the app includes:

  • Election Day polling locations and hours of operation
  • Candidate list for upcoming election
  • Ability to mark sample ballots for upcoming election
  • Navigation to Election Day polling locations
  • County election commission information
  • Access online election results through the application

The app may be accessed here.

With long lines and storms expected tomorrow across Tennessee, the TNGOP Chairman is asking voters for patience.

Just as we saw with early voting, we are anticipating a record turnout for tomorrow’s primary. I would ask our Republican voters to be informed and be patient. Your votes for president and for our delegates matter and this app will help you be prepared for this important decision,” concluded Haynes.

Online: http://tngop.org/tngop-chairman-be-prepared-and-be-patient-on-election-day/

Quick facts about the “SEC Primary” and Tennessee

– 11 states award delegates on March 1st, with the majority of states being in the South, hence the “SEC Primary” moniker.

– In all, 595 delegates are awarded on March 1st.

– March 1st is also known as “Super Tuesday” because more delegates are awarded this day than any other during the Republican primary calendar.

– In general, states holding Republican contests prior to March 15th will award their delegates on a proportional basis.

– Tennessee awards the third-most amount of delegates (58) on March 1st, following Texas and Georgia.

– As a basic rule of thumb, Tennessee has a 20% threshold for a campaign to be awarded delegates in our state [Exceptions: 1) One candidate receives 67% of the vote, or 2) No candidate gets to the 20% threshold].

– To secure the Republican nomination for President, a candidate needs to capture 1,237 delegates.

– Recent previous winners of contested Tennessee GOP Primaries:

  • 1988 – George H. W. Bush
  • 1996 – Bob Dole
  • 2000 – George W. Bush
  • 2008 – Mike Huckabee
  • 2012 – Rick Santorum

– 2008 GOP Turnout: 553,005

– 2012 GOP Turnout: 554,573

– 2016 Early Vote Turnout: 62% increase over 2012.


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