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Tennessee Democratic Party Statement for Veterans Day

Tennessee Democratic PartyNashville, TN – In observation of Veterans Day 2019, Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini released the following statement honoring Tennessee veterans and thanking members of the newly formed TNDP Veterans & Military Families Caucus:

“Tennessee is home to almost 500,000 veterans and today, the Tennessee Democratic Party, working with our newly formed Veterans and Military Families Caucus, call on every Tennessean to remember the sacrifices made by our armed forces and their families.

Tennessee Democratic Party, Mary Mancini.
Tennessee Democratic Party, Mary Mancini.

Whether serving in combat or stationed overseas or here at home, our veterans have kept us safe and secure and they deserve our words of thanks and gratitude through our deeds.

We must ensure, through good governance and smart policy, that our veterans have a life-time of quality healthcare, meaningful and sustainable employment, affordable housing, and a secure and dignified retirement. Just as our military leaves no one behind on the battlefield, we must leave none of these heros behind at home.

As a daughter and granddaughter of veterans, I’m honored to work side by side with the many brave servicemen and women in the Tennessee Democratic Party and our Veterans and Military Families Caucus. Please join us as we continue the work necessary to honor those who have fiercely protected our democratic values of freedom, equality, and justice for all.”


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