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State Farm offers Storm Preparation Tips

State FarmNashville, TN – With Hurricane Laura forecast in the area for tonight and tomorrow, it is a good time for homeowners to make sure they are ready to weather the storm. 

State Farm is reminding property owners that a little preparation can make a big difference when it comes to safety and security during strong storms. 

Heavy Rain


Homeowners can protect themselves and their property with a few easy steps: 

Proper planning can help save your family from injury and inconvenience when severe weather strikes. Prepare your family for severe winds by creating a , including a disaster survival kit and an emergency evacuation plan

Stay informed on the potential for severe winds.

Getting up-to-the-minute information is an important part of staying safe in any weather emergency. 

  • When severe weather threatens, tune in to a NOAA Weather Radio or battery-powered radio for updates. 
  • A high wind advisory means that sustained winds of over 25 miles per hour are predicted.
  • Thunderstorm , tornado , and hurricane warnings should be taken very seriously, as they mean that severe weather has been spotted and is on its way.

Find shelter during severe weather.

  • When severe winds occur, move to the middle of your home or basement, away from windows and glass doors. 
  • Try to take cover under a staircase or a heavy piece of furniture. 
  • Do not stay in a manufactured home during severe winds. They are easily overturned by high winds, and flying debris can puncture their light frames and exteriors.
  • If you live an area prone to severe winds, you may want to build a safe room in your home. A safe room is an area of your home that has been reinforced to provide protection from broken glass and flying debris. 
  • An experienced contractor can build a safe room with a reinforced roof, walls, and ceilings in a new or existing home.

Wherever you seek shelter, be sure to bring your family disaster kit with you.

More tips: https://www.statefarm.com/simple-insights/safety/tornadoes


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