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Clarksville Athletic Complex

Written by Preston Howle
Clarksville Tennis Association

CommentaryClarksville, TN – It is very disappointing that no new tennis courts are included in these plans! 

It should be an embarrassment to the City of Clarksville that we have only 8 public tennis courts!  Cities half the population of ours have much better and more plentiful tennis facilities.

Original Proposed Clarksville Sports Complex
Original Proposed Clarksville Sports Complex

The original plan for this athletic complex, presented by then-Mayor Kim McMillan, included 29 tennis courts and an indoor tennis facility (see above).

Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.  It is inexpensive, provides great exercise, enjoyment, and does not require getting a team together to play. 

All anyone needs is another person and a $2.00-can of tennis balls to get plenty of exercise and enjoyment if a tennis court is available.

The city of Clarksville would do a great service to our community by providing more tennis facilities and placing a greater emphasis on maintaining the only ones we have.

Reverence:  www.clarksvilleonline.com/2021/04/19/city-of-clarksville-announces-exit-8-athletic-complex-plans-take-shape/

Clarksville Athletic Complex Phase 1
Clarksville Athletic Complex Phase 1

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