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Austin Peay State University Honors Program to offer special biblical history, archeology class this fall

Austin Peay State University - APSUClarksville, TN – When reading the Bible – particularly the Old Testament – it’s easy to forget that names such as “Hittites” and “Babylonians” referred to actual living, breathing human beings, not fictional characters in a story.

Austin Peay State University to begin offering Bible History Class and Archeology Class. (APSU)
Austin Peay State University to begin offering Bible History Class and Archeology Class. (APSU)

These people, living thousands of years ago, also cleaned bowls and plates after eating dinner and worried about their personal finances.

This fall, the Austin Peay State University (APSU) Honors Program will travel back in time, figuratively, to meet these people during a special biblical history and archeology class taught by Dr. Greg Glover, biblical scholar and pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Clarksville.

The honors class, according to Glover, will cover a swath of history that extends “from the Stone Age to Christianity,” with students learning through archeological remains about the everyday lives of people living on three separate continents.

In looking at the remnants of a cooking pot, economic receipts, and ancient literary masterpieces, students will piece together an ancient world and develop a richer understanding of the Bible.

This one-of-a-kind course is open to all undergraduate students, not just students enrolled in APSU’s Honors Program, but a limited number of seats are available. Interested students are encouraged to register immediately.

“Dr. Glover contacted me a while back out of a shared interest in the archaeology and culture of the ancient world,” Dr. Tim Winters, APSU professor of Greek and Latin and director of the University’s Honors Program, said.

“We have both spent our careers studying, teaching, and traveling in regions closely connected to ancient scripture. He offered to teach a course for us in Honors and the prospect was exciting. Plans were delayed because of the pandemic, but I’m really glad that the APSU Honors students will have the chance to take advantage of his considerable expertise in this area,” stated Winters.

The course will pay special attention to 19th and 20th century archeological discoveries, including unearthed tombs, temples, altars, domestic tools, and other artifacts. Glover will combine these archaeological sources with both biblical and non-biblical texts to help students better understand the biblical world, along with its history, art, architecture, languages, literature, and religion.

Religion will play a key role in class discussions, as the course moves from the Bronze Age to early Judaism and the birth of Christianity in what is now modern-day Israel and Palestine.



Glover earned a Ph.D. in Old Testament Studies from the Princeton Theological Seminary. Throughout his career, he has studied and taught the languages and cultures of the ancient Near East, while also cultivating friendships with Israeli and Palestinian archaeologists who continue to work together to discover the rich history of this troubled region.

APSU also offers courses in ancient Greek and Latin. 

For information on the Honors Program or ancient languages at APSU, contact Winters at  931.221.7118.


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