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BBB says to Watch Out for “pinkwashing” during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Better Business Bureau - BBBNashville, TN – As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many people will consider making a donation to charities that address the prevention education, screening, treatment and/or research to find a cure for breast cancer.
There are countless ways to contribute, and consumers help raise millions of dollars for breast cancer research each year, often by purchasing “pink ribbon” items.

However, people should exercise caution when they give to ensure their money is being used as advertised.
With over 1,000 charities with “breast cancer” as part of their name, BBB advises donors to take the time to check out the charity before making a gift.

Visit the BBB Wise Giving Alliance or BBB.org to see if the charity meets the 20 BBB Charity Standards.

Use these tips from BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance before you donate:

  • Shop smart. Some companies donate a portion of the sale of specific items, designated with pink ribbons or packaging. When shopping for “pink ribbon” items, see if the promotion is transparent about which charity it will benefit and how much of the purchase will be donated. Watch out for vague claims of proceeds benefiting unspecified charities.
  • Check the charity. Charities accredited with BBB Wise Giving Alliance meet the 20 BBB Charity Standards. If you are considering a donation to a charity that is not familiar to you, go to Give.org to view its charity report or find trustworthy organizations to donate to. When researching a charity, pay close attention to its name, as some questionable charities may use names similar to those of established organizations.
  • Participate carefully. Some charities host fundraising events in addition to marketing promotions. If this interests you, gather all the important information before signing up. Is there a participation fee or are you required to sign up a minimum number of sponsors? Always research the charity or group organizing the event before you register.
  • Take action. If your preferred charity is not holding any events or promotions during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, contact them directly to see how you can volunteer or donate on your own time. Every type of contribution helps!

To report a scam, go to BBB.org/ScamTracker.
To learn more about other risky scams, go to BBB.org/ScamTips and visit our scam news feed.

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