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“You know what THEY say, and you know who THEY are” (not reallly)

Hank Bonecutter

Hank Bonecutter

Ever wonder who THEY are?  You know, when somebody says;

“THEY say he’s fooling around with so-and-so”, or;

“THEY say she’s not going to run again.”  Just who are THEY?

Nobody ever says who THEY are.  Hmmmm.

Since we really don’t know who THEY are, let’s just take a look at a few of the more notable “THEY” stories of late, and then what “I” say to that.

THEY SAY: “Kim McMillan is not going to run for mayor again, and she’s still wanting to run for a higher office.”

I SAY:  So what.   Let’s get the marina open, and the charter fixed, then we can go back to worrying about 2014.  Besides, if you believe the Mayans, it won’t matter.

THEY SAY:  “You know, I heard a certain city councilman isn’t living in his ward”

I SAY:  I wish he wasn’t even living in Clarksville.

THEY SAY:  “I hear the Leaf-Chronicle is going to be an insert to the Tennessean”

I SAY:  Ok, then I’ll read the new insert in the Tennessean.

THEY SAY:  “Carolyn Bowers isn’t going to run for another term.”

I SAY:  Refer to previous comment about Kim McMillan, but insert, getting the schools budget in line, and make the employee pay study apply to all county employees, and not just the Sheriff’s office.

THEY SAY:  “The Leaf-Chronicle is going to start charging for it’s web platform.”

I SAY:  Really? Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Holy s#@#.  Surprise! Surprise! OMG.

Now, if I could only figure out who THEY are, I would print their names.

Come on people, some of you have wwaaayy too much time on your hands.

So until next time;



About Hank Bonecutter

    Hank Bonecutter

    Hank Bonecutter is a forty year broadcast veteran and former radio station owner. His career included, talk-show host, journalist, writer, and producer.  He is president of Bonehead Promotions, an advertising consulting and media firm. He is the owner of and, and is a contributing author/journalist for Clarksville Online.

    Hank worked at several Nashville radio stations, including WKDF, WLAC, WKQB and WKDA.

    He hosted and produced Clarksville’s longest running morning talk-show, “The Bone Show,” from 1994-2012.

    Hank is also a stand-up comedian, having performed at some of the top comedy clubs in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia.

    Hank produced a series of stand-up comedy shows, “Comedy on the Cumberland, ” in Clarksville to benefit local charities.

    You can follow Hank on Facebook and Twitter, @bonecutter01 and @boneheadnews.

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