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Pray For Your Local Business Owners


Clarksville, TN – My name is Mat Lasater. I’m CEO of Lasaters Corporation, the Founder of the Lasaters Coffee & Tea® Franchise, owner of LASATERS® Construction, LLC and LASATERS® Coffee, LLC.  But, most importantly, I’m also a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle, a child of a King, a son, a grandson, a nephew… I’m also just a ‘somewhat’ regular guy… only different – I’m a business owner.

Most of us business owners are not rich, but, we’re doing our best to provide an enjoyable work environment for our employees, put food on our tables and give (when we can) to our local communities.

We’ve got a mortgage on our house (sometimes a second mortgage too to help start our businesses or remodel our aging homes) rent to pay on our leased space, multiple utility bills (home and business), children that we’re doing our best to train, marriages that we’re always working on improving, taxes to pay, a church and/or home group to attend or host and about a hundred other things on our plate that most people don’t realize.

Think about it for a second… do you really know your local business owners, or, are you just guessing who they really are? Most business owners that I know aren’t defined by what they do, but who they are behind the scenes… just something to think about…

Most people think that just because someone owns a business that the owner(s) are just printing money; that they’re financially successful beyond measure. If you know a business owner, and you think they’re doing great, that’s wonderful. First of all, you’ve probably got no clue how they’re really doing personally, much less, financially. Regardless, that doesn’t mean they want to give a financial donation to your softball team, free product or free service to your school’s yearbook staff, foot the bill for your mission trip or fully cater your office party for free.

While most of us business owners do give to our communities, in some way or another, many of us are simply trying to make things work for THIS week. Asking for “just a few hundred dollars” for you to go on your annual mission trip to Cabo San Lucas isn’t usually in our budget – and why should it be? If you feel “called” to that little ‘vacation’ of yours, save up some money like a responsible American and stop acting like the federal government. We business owners don’t live in “Handout City, USA” even though it seems like it sometimes.

While every one of us business owners have the option to just “go get a job,” that may not be where our heart’s desire is, nor is it who we were designed to be. Many of us were created with this purpose of leading in some fashion or another. There are leaders that are meant to lead in each society, which means, there are those who must take greater risks than others. This is where many business owners fill our society’s bookmark in life.

I’m a risk taker. I’ve been doing this (being an entrepreneur) nearly my whole adult life. It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s absolutely gut-wrenching. Sometimes it’s utterly exhausting. Are there times that business owners want to ‘throw in the towel’ and give up? Sure. Are there times where we want to move towns and just start over? Sure. Then, why don’t we do that when we feel that way? Wouldn’t that be logical? No! Business owners, for one, don’t have the luxury of adding such a large expense like moving in order to change business climates or economical markets. Secondly, we’re in our communities with a specific purpose – each one of us – most of us business owners understand that.

Are there business owners who make poor decisions and quit when they’ve ‘had enough’ or failed to meet their goals and objectives? Of course. Those aren’t the business owners I’m talking about here. I’m talking about those who persevere against the odds. Even when times are tough, when the economy is not doing well, or when the government is breathing down our necks for more tax revenue and topping it off with more regulations, we business owners STILL have a burning desire to accomplish something that most dare not attempt.

It’s overwhelming at times, just to think of the possibilities! But, we don’t do it just for our families alone. It’s not just to provide a job for our employees. It’s who we were meant to be in this society. We business owners are here for a reason. Sometimes, that reason can only be defined by the business owner themselves. My reason, you ask? That’s another blog… :)

So, when you finish reading this, do me a favor. Write down a list of every business owner you know. Keep it on your refrigerator. When you look at that list, would you please pray for them? Hebrews 4:16 in the Holy Bible says “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” I was compelled to write this blog tonight because I felt the need to pray to the Lord for the business owners that I know.

Even if a business owner has a bad reputation, or you don’t like him/her for some reason, pray for them – they’re still people who may be doing their absolute best just to get by right now. Do you know a successful business person? Pray for them too! Did you know that many business owners pray for their employees as well? That’s right – we need each other, friends. We need to pray for one another. Join me in asking the Lord to bless and meet every need that our local business owners have this month. We could all use the prayer.

Thanks for reading. God bless you.

-Mat Lasater

About Mat Lasater

    Mat Lasater

    Mat Lasater is the Founder & CEO of the LASATERS®COFFEE, LLC.  He is a Tennessee Licensed Commercial/Residential General Contractor. Mat is married to Annie Lasater, together they have 4 children. Read more at

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