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H.O.P.E. to sponsor Women’s Health Fair


Knowledge is power, and empowerment is the goal of the first Women’s Health and Wellness Expo.

Free medical screenings. Free dental check-ups. Free eye/vision screenings. Nutrition and fitness information. Classes on marriage, self-esteem, and self-image. It’s all included in a single program being offered to the women of our community during a unique and absolutely free conference coming up on May 31.

This Women’s Health and Wellness fair is a Community Enhancement event sponsored by the Hispanic Organization for Progress and Education [H.O.P.E.]. It will be held on May 31 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Riverview Inn in downtown Clarksville. The event is free and offered as a community service.

Dr. Joy Twillie, a graduate of John Hopkins University will be the guest speaker on issues including Marriage and Self-esteem. Representatives from Centerstone will be available to discuss services they offer the community. «Read the rest of this article»


Have popcorn, will travel: Belcourt screens ‘Body of War,’ nostalgic ‘Wrath of Khan’


In the absence of an “art” theater or a movie house willing to show anything other than mainstream movies, Clarksville Online takes a look at screenings slated for Nashville’s Belcourt Theater.

Body of War, an award-winning film which opened May 9, is the story of Tomas Young, 25 years old, paralyzed from a bullet to his spine, wounded after serving in Iraq for less than a week. This coming home war story is about the evolution of one man who life was changed with a single bullet to the spine; he must re-invent himself in light of a permanent disability and as a powerful voice against the War [in Iraq]. The film, produced and directed by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro, features original music by Eddie Vedder; it is a naked, honest portrayal of what it’s like inside the body, heart, and soul of this extraordinary and heroic young man. Showtimes, Trailer and Tickets at Belcourt.Org.

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Brother Andrew inspires, teaches


In the 1970s, this person was idolized for his disobedience and what can be called “illegal activities.” He flagrantly disrgarded laws of given countries to further his purpose and for his mission. His role model was the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who also violated unjust laws and confronted prejudice with civil disobedience. The prophet was Brother Andrew.

Brother Andrew was identified as “God’s Smuggler” in the 70s, and his objective was the distribution of the Bible to communist countries, an unpopular move with officials in these sanctuaries of atheism.

Brother Andrew dropped out of the media limelight for years, but his efforts today are receiving renewed attention. He is a Dutch-born evangelist with a spirit-directed mission now concentrated on the Muslims of the Middle East and the broader Islamics of the world. Islam is now his mission. «Read the rest of this article»


Property Rights group: This is not over!


Members of the CPRC at a city council meetingBlatantly disregarding public input and dissent, the City Council voted to approve the controversial Downtown Redevelopment and Urban Renewal ordinance, nicknamed the “blight bill,” even as disgruntled homeowners and small business owners, all members of the Clarksville Property Rights Coalition, dressed in the blood-red color of protest, looked on.

In a May 8 letter written on behalf of the CPRC, Becky McMahan first thanked “those members of the City Council who have given us the courtesy of meeting with us to discuss the Redevelopment Plan,” then presented a number of points for the council to consider the all but pre-ordained vote. «Read the rest of this article»


City Council returns to Chambers with thunderous public slams!


Unannounced $524,000 City Hall security package heralds Council’s return to former chambers.

Rejection of resident participation on redevelopment review board slams public demand for representation.

The Clarksville City Council returned to its Council Chambers, delivering two thunderous slaps to the public’s collective face in a single meeting.

Before delivering the back-to-back punches, and with the smell of fresh paint still lingering in the air, city departments, staff and council members were praised for their response to the recent tornado touchdowns in our community. Mayor Pro Temp Barbara Johnson gave city certificates to Council Members Deanna McLaughlin, Geno Grubs and Bill Summers for their personal efforts in aiding with the clean-up.

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Clarksville police hold Top Gun competition


The Clarksville Police Union will be hosting the annual Officer David Scott Top Gun Competition on Saturday, May 10th, with the shooting portion beginning at 8:00 am at the police range.

The event is part of a series of activities celebrating National Police Week., a designation that began in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy signed a Presidential Proclamation that set aside May 15th as National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and the week of May 15th as National Police Week. This year, National Police Week will run from Sunday, May 11th through Saturday, May 17th.

The Clarksville Police Department has organized several events beginning with the Top Gun Competition. Everyone present on the range for that event will be required to wear ear and eye protection during the competition and with safety in mind, no small children will be allowed on the range while the competition is taking place. «Read the rest of this article»

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Knights joust, lords and ladies abound at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival


A special treat for Mother’s Day weekend adventurers!!

May is Renaissance Fest time in Tennessee! The annual Renaissance Festival in Triune runs every weekend in May. Mother’s Day weekend has a special souvenir for the first 500 mothers who attend. Military personnel receive a discounted admission.

Minstrels and characters in costumes, a royal court of lords and ladies, merry maidens and the ever watchful Sheriff and his men looking for that “Axel the Sot” enliven Covington Glen, as Triune is known during the festival’s run. There’s the Procession of the Royal Court with the King, Queen and attendants promenading through the village – always a colorful happening.

The Merchants’ Lane is where village commerce takes place. Clothing for youngsters and adults, steins and goblets, jewelry, oils, gemstones, soaps, family coats of arm, Celtic kilts, footwear and and other merchandise are available. The fair also offers a bounty of succulent foods including the Knight’s Club (Roasted Turkey Leg), Soup Bread Bowls, Italian Canoli, Friar’s Bread (funnel cakes), roasted pecans, walnuts and almonds — all awaiting your sampling! «Read the rest of this article»


HUD, Justice Department asked to review Downtown Redevelopment Plan


NAACP charges Tennessee Code and Civil Rights violations in Clarksville’s proposed redevelopment ordinance.

Jimmy Garland Sr., president of the Clarksville Chapter of the NAACP, has contacted the Justice Department in Washington, D.C., and the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) office in Nashville, charging that the controversial Clarksville Downtown Redevelopment and Urban Renewal Plan does not adhere to Tennessee Codes and will have a detrimental effect on “mostly the poor, elderly and minorities residents of this inner city community.” The plan has been highly touted by city officials, Mayor Johnny Piper, and the Downtown Business Partnership (DDP).

Garland further charges that the plan is a possible “civil rights infraction” by the Clarksville City Council. The Council is scheduled to hold a second reading and a final vote on the ordinance Thursday evening during a special session scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in City Council Chambers at 108 Public Square.

“No real plan has been introduced that will define the actual areas to be redeveloped and which properties are actually blighted within the targeted area,” Garland said.

Clarksville NAACP President Jimmie Garland Sr. [center] stands with irate property owners outside a “public” hearing on the “blight” bill. «Read the rest of this article»

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‘Old Dogs’ can teach us new tricks


Is it in the U.S. Constitution that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks?” Such platitudes were part of our upbringing, but this is one is particularly misleading. My experience with an old dog is teaching me.

Cassie, our healthy 15-year-old Pug, is a supportive companion and she is challenging this ancient and trite platitude. Cassie, even though she has exceeded the age expectancy for her breed, is either an exception or the disproving of the trite saying.

Cassie, in the human equivalent of 105 years of age, is more mentally active than ever. Even in her senior years she is demonstrating an alertness, a “brain receptiveness” to new tricks, many of which are beneficial to the household. She is more effective than ever in communicating her needs to us with a bark, or by sitting in front of us and staring us in the eyes. For 14 years, she never barked except when visitors arrived at our door. Now she barks like clockwork at 10 p.m. or 2 a.m., whenever she need to go out and relieve herself. At this stage, she may have a gland problem that pushes her to more frequent needs to relieve her kidneys. Just like many of us senior citizens. «Read the rest of this article»


Parks and Rec revs up for summer fun


The city Parks and Recreation Department is gearing up for summer.

Pool passes go on sale Monday. The pricing structure for pool passes has changed this season. Pool passes are now priced based on the number of people you have on your pass: 1 person-$60; 2 people-$100; 3 people-$110; 4 people-$120; 5 people-$130, and 6 people-$140. If you have more than 6 people, you must purchase an additional pass. A non-resident fee of 10% will be added to the season passes for those living outside the Clarksville city limits. Utility bills must be provided as proof of residence. Non-residents cannot be added to a city resident’s pool pass. Daily Admission to the pools is $5 per person before 3 pm and $3 per person after 3 pm.

Swim lessons are also offered at an additional charge of $15 per person with a pool pass purchase. Session One begins June 16 and ends June 27. Session Two begins July 7 and ends July 18. If you prefer a smaller class, semi-private lessons are offered for $25 per person with a pool pass purchase. Classes are limited to 5 participants and will be offered Monday-Thursday at 8 a.m. at Smith Pool. «Read the rest of this article»

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