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No excuses: your vote does count


A Microvote Infinity voting machineEvery vote matters.

When I first moved to Tennessee, early in 2004, I was barely walking with the aid of crutches. But it was a presidential year: 2004. I did two things as soon as I could: I registered to vote and I got a library card.

It was six months more before I was finally able to move around enough to volunteer at Democratic headquarters. I couldn’t stand up and hold signs, so I brought my folding chair and sat holding up signs at “honk and waves.” I made phone calls, and took phone calls and did odd jobs. I convinced people to register to vote. One was a friend who, at 35+ years of age had never registered to vote. My daughter and I got her registered.

I watched as the battle for Florida ebbed and flowed, finally falling asleep exhausted and dismayed with the questionable Bush victory and the unexpected Kerry concession. «Read the rest of this article»

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This is why black vote does indeed count


Terry McMooreWhen I approach most black people and ask them to either register to vote or encourage them to go to the polls and cast their vote, I am often met with the all too familiar phrase of “Why should I vote?  My vote won’t count.”  This used to upset me because I had to give different reasons over the years as to why voting is important.

This task became even more difficult after the mess in Florida during the 2000 presidential elections.  Recently, I learned a full proof method for dealing with black voter apathy.  I just answer a question with a question such as; if our vote does not count then why are both political parties banging on the doors of small and mega size black churches?  Why have upwards of almost a billion dollars in the last four years been spent on travel, T.V., internet, and on public relations firms all in the name of the black voter? «Read the rest of this article»

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Get out and vote on November 7th


A Microvote Infinity voting machineIt’s really great that 20,972 people early voted in Montgomery County Tennessee, but a total of 74,843 people are registered to vote here. That leaves 53,871 people who have yet to vote! I want to strongly encourage each and every one of you to do so, on November 7th. Your party and who you will vote for doesn’t matter, your participation in the democratic process does. No excuses. Your vote does make a difference, so get out and VOTE!

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It’s time for hard questions about Iraq


Democratic Party LogoWith new reports of Iraq descending into chaos, the DCCC released a new advertisement about the continued failure of the Bush White House to come up with a strategy to win in Iraq and the Republican Congress to ask a single question or perform any oversight.

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St. Jude Program features Korean Choir


St. Jude Children's Hospital“No child will be turned away for an inability to pay.That’s been the motto of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital since its inception.

On Sunday, November 12, from 3-4 P.M., a representative of St. Jude’s Childre’s Hospital will speak about the hospital’s commitment to treatment and research of childhood cancers. The program, which is open to the public, will include music and songs performed by the First Presbyterian Church Korean Choir. «Read the rest of this article»


Because of Iraq


Amen! Vote! «Read the rest of this article»

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A guest commentary by Karl Bode of DSL Reports


The Municipal report from DSL ReportsThis commentary was not originally written for Clarksville Online. I want to thank Karl Bode of DSL Reports for giving me permission to republish this article here for you. I felt it was something that you should see. Thank you Karl!

If you wish to read the original version complete with user commentary please feel free!

Municipal Report: Bogus Experts, Bogus Concern
Faking interest in broadband deployment to maximize revenue

Posted 2006-10-31 20:31:09 by Karl

Editorial: Outfits such as the Reason Foundation, Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Heartland Foundation are free-market think tanks that proudly proclaim that eliminating government oversight in the broadband sector will result in broadband utopia. Their editorials and position papers insist they are concerned with “optimizing broadband deployment” in this country. However the real agenda, as always, is maximizing revenue for themselves and their constituents by eliminating all regulation, creating an utterly toothless regulatory authority, and letting the nation’s largest corporations run wild. «Read the rest of this article»

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Happy Halloween!


A Republican's worst fear....What would Halloween be without some ghost stories. I present for your consideration six tales. Which are truth, fiction, fantasy, or reality? You decide. Some are serious presentations of what the creator of the video believes to be reality, while others are just fun and games. The most important thing is simply to have some fun! :)

«Read the rest of this article»


A commercial for Scientists and Engineers for America.


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General Wesley Clark and Harold Ford, Jr Coming to Clarksville


Democratic Party LogoRetired General Wesley ClarkHarold Ford, JRA Veterans’ Appreciation Rally will be held November 1, 2006 (Wednesday afternoon) at 2:30 pm. at Veteran’s Plaza parking lot (Pageant Lane) in Clarksville TN. Guest speakers will be General Wesley Clark and Harold Ford, Jr. For more information contact Charlie Gerber Upper Middle TN Field Director for Harold Ford, Jr.,: (901) 568-3865 or The Montgomery County Democratic Party: (931) 553-0355

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