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Vote 2006 – Be an informed voter!

A Microvote Infinity voting machineI’m a firm believer in making sure I know everything possible about a situation before it comes up. I’m quite often prepared for anything (including keeping a sewing kit, first aid kit, and Shout Wipes in my car’s glove box!). I believe that practice should apply to voting as well. I believe it shouldn’t take more than two Google searches to find something on the internet these days, however the information I’m providing here took me at least fifteen minutes to find (for someone with my attention span, that’s an eternity). So I am here to provide you an unbiased bit of information to make sure that you are prepared to vote in Montgomery County (Shout Wipes not included).

First of all, what are we going to be seeing? For this question, I’ll point you to this handy dandy PDF document that is the official sample ballot provided by the Montgomery County Election Commission.

Click Here for a Sample Ballot

Next, how is my vote counted? Paper or electronic ballots? For this election the Montgomery County Election Commission will be using the Micro Vote Infinity model. Fancy stuff!

[wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://www.state.tn.us/sos/election/voting_systems/votetraining.wmv[/wmv]

What about the election results? I’m desperate for details of how the results came out. Give me more than percents! Well, of course! Here’s the handy dandy link to where to find the results of the election, neatly broken down for you. With columns and rows and everything you need!

Click Here for Election Results

Hopefully these will help prepare you in your quest for democracy and voting in Montgomery County. Remember that early voting is from October 18th until November 2nd. I’ll tell you what; I’ll even throw in this list of dates and times for early voting as well. Consider it a bonus! Enjoy! And happy voting to you!

Click Here for the Early Voting Dates and Times

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