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Lawyer Hired by Family of Dead Teen at Chad Youth Enrichment Center

edith01.jpgOmega Leach III? became the second youth, in little less than two years, to die at the Chad Youth Enrichment Center located in Clarksville-Montgomery County, TN.

The Family has hired lawyer, Edith Pearce, who has appeared on numerous talk shows, represented numerous clients, while also winning many cases of personal injury to the tune of several multi-million dollar awards.

Jim McDevitt, a private investigator from Philadelphia, Pa who is among the team hired by the attorney representing the family of Mr. Leach, was in Clarksville, TN recently. Mr. McDevitt, along with a dozen other organizations investigating the Chad Youth Enrichment Center, spoke with this writer and I was surprised to learn that Omega Leach III, may have suffered a severe brain injury during this ordeal, which has been omitted thus far and is contrary to the reports of this child dying of an apparent heart attack while being subdued by staff members of the Chad Youth Enrichment Center.


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