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Clarksville for Obama organizes, plans rally

co-election-logo.JPGAlthough Tennessee came out for the Clinton camp during the recent presidential primary, the race is far from over; a review of national statistics shows Barack Obama neck in neck with Hilary Clinton. A tight race is underway, with the primary race so close on a national level that both candidates have sent the message down to all their campaign headquarters, especially in the states that have had primaries, to not close their local primary campaign doors yet. The political battle cry: rally the voters and register new voters.

Montgomery County, a county that Barack Obama did not do well in, still has a team of energetic people lead by county campaign manager for Barack Obama, Credo Amouzouvik. This re-energized group of supporters will officially introduce themselves to the citizens of Clarksville-Montgomery County as they rally behind the name Clarksville for Obama on February 15 at the Tropicana Restaurant, 233-A Tiny Town Road in Clarksville at 6 p.m.

co-barrack-obama.jpgAmouzouvik said of the Obama campaign: “This train has not stopped. This train goes all the way to the national convention, and then on to the national election in November, and then it will stop in Washington D.C. when Barack Obama is sworn in as this country’s new president.”

The rally will offer Obama supporters the opportunity to meet each other and become involved in the campaign. For more information, call Amouzouvik at 931-378-2378.


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