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Justice requires accountability, responsibility, action

flag-scales-justice.jpgWe read in the local media daily about the plight of citizens across America. Headlines, featuring epitaphs that describe the demise of democracy as it was known in the past. Delivering detail accounts of stories that further diminish the level of security that we have grown accustomed to. Yet, our elected officials seem to have grown callous to the accounts, choosing to ignore the information, focusing their attention on lesser issues.
The question rings aloud, “when will they hear”? How can they not see the erosion of our safety net, and why are we sitting idly by allowing our elected representatives go unaccountable?

Each representative is responsible for making sound and timely decisions on issues that are plaguing the survivability of our city, county, state, and nation. As responsible citizens we’re supposed to be the trumpets that sound the alarms signaling them to take actions.

Are we doing our forefathers justices by allowing these infractions of justice to continue unabated? Should we not be addressing these issues through the proper channels, reminding those in leadership positions that we will not permit their turning deaf ears to our uproar?

Clarksville is a growing metropolis. It is evident that in just a few short years our population will reach upward of 200,000, especially if the current sprawl is allowed to continue. With sprawl come the elements of prosperity. Some good … Some not so good. Now is the time to start preparing for the changes that will undoubtedly follow the course of action we have chosen through our election of the representatives who lead our city and county. Yes, whether we want them or not, with growth, whether define or undefined, come the imperfections associated with such progress.

As we move closer to the status of becoming a metropolitan community, we need to reconsider our ability to protect those who reside in our boundaries, identify methods to effectively deal with the inequities that will occur in our administering to a more diverse population, and start redefining how we will make the members of this great community feel more inclusive in the political, economic, and social affairs of our city and county. We also need to reassess the filling open leadership positions, and address the equity of the justice that’s being dispensed through our judicial system.

Each of those areas is pertinent in making citizens who reside within our borders feel more a part of the political and social environment. We have a constitutional mandate to demand the enforcement of local, state and federal laws that have been directed by legislative bodies who are chartered to regulate our commerce and justice systems.

We live in a country founded on the premise that equal justice is guaranteed to every citizen. Real justice begins with the establishing and dispersing the rule of law without exceptions. Laws designed to serve and protect every citizen. As citizens of this community, we need to be more aggressive in addressing the needs of our constituencies. If we are not vigilant, we are destined to become pawns of our own “inactions”.

Jimmie Garland, Sr.
Jimmie Garland, Sr.http://www.freewebs.com/jimmiegarland/
I am a civil right activist/Advocate. I currently serve as the President of the Clarksville Branch of the NAACP. I am also the Tennessee State Conference of the NAACP 2nd Vice President. I am an elder of my church, True Vine WGC, and the Vice President of Big Brother Big Sisters of Clarksville. Have represented the CMCSS District 5, As Schoolboard Representative.

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