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The “play date…”

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Play dates are funny things.

The morning of, maybe even the night before you set about planning what you will wear. It’s kind of like when you were in high school and were going on a date with a guy, only difference is the debate over what you wear is now a little different.

As a teen you wanted to have it all together, smell nice, hair a certain way, and make- up just perfect.

As a mom on a play date, same thing, only this time you strive to not make it look like you have it all together.

You want to be approachable, right? You don’t want to give the impression that Gucci and pearls are the norm for you. Or maybe that’s just the impression you want to give, and if that’s the case then I think someone needs to tell you

  • A. You’re not fooling anyone, and
  • B. The rest of us are quietly fuming that you got to take a shower this morning!

So you pick out a cute outfit, a clean outfit, an outfit that doesn’t have any stains on it yet, if you have time you iron it, maybe one piece of fun jewelry, and run a comb through your hair, but don’t check it twice because, remember, we’re going for the whole “child blown” look. (That’s the windblown look for you non-parents)

And we’re not mentioning what your kid has on because we all know that as moms we all are guilty of obsessing way too much over this, so we won’t even go there!

So you’re ready, you’re out the door. You’re on your way to the play date.

You run questions, scenarios through your mind of anything and all that could happen, and how you will calmly handle it.

  • What if my child hits?
  • What if my child is hit?
  • What if they don’t share?
  • What if they do?
The Playdate: are you ready for it?

As you pull into the drive you give yourself a quick pep talk, and ok one quick hair check, and you’re off!

If you have the blessing that I had today with another mother and her children than you’re “date” goes smoothly. You relax a bit, even after you send her crystal drinking glass sliding across the patio as you race to “rescue” your kid from toddling toward the garbage truck. You see that she is just like you in some ways, even completely not like you in others, and that it’s OK! You bless each other during your time together and uplift one another as moms, because really don’t we all just want that? Don’t we all just want that extra set of hands in watching the kids while we start lunch, or an extra set of hands helping clear off the table when your done eating, don’t we all just want that human contact, that commodity, that level plain that connects us all as mothers?

I truly think so. So maybe next time I’ll slip on my favorite pair of jeans instead of the pearl earrings, and unlike High School, return a phone call for the next date!

See you on the playground.opinion



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