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NAACP takes on Fox News, NY Post

The  NAACP Day of Action (Protest of a NY Post Cartoon) has achieved results, results, according to Gloria J. Sweet-Love, president of the NAACP TN State Conference. The following is a statement from  Richard McIntire at  the National Office.

naacplogosept2006NAACP protest of racist Post cartoon spreads to 55 cities resulting in News Corp agreement to meet with NAACP and coalition partners over demands. Murdoch apologizes.

Sparked by the Sean Delonas NY Post cartoon, NAACP Branches across the nation participated in a ‘Day of Action’ Feb. 26 protesting racially  insensitive coverage at FOX News and the NY Post and demanding greater diversity.

In 55 cities, from Jacksonville and Myrtle Beach to Boston and Detroit, NAACP members met with Fox TV station managers to demand they pressure Fox owner Rupert Murdoch to make concrete plans for putting an end to racially biased coverage and lack of diversity at his New York Post newspaper and Fox News. The NAACP has also demanded that those responsible for the cartoon being published be fired.

Many local stations stated they would hold a meeting with the NAACP to discuss the issue and related concerns while others agreed to send  letters supporting the NAACP position to News Corporation, the owner of both Fox News and the New York Post.

More than 625 new articles chronicled the actions of NAACP units during the day of action while more than 1,700 news articles have been published on the NAACP’s reaction to the cartoon overall.

In recent days, NAACP members and supporters have also sent more than 25,000 emails to Mr. Murdoch to express their outrage over the racist cartoon and call for racial diversity at NY Post and Fox News.

The successful protests since the cartoon led to a rare public apology  by News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch and an agreement by Fox News and NY Post executives to meet with the NAACP, National Urban League and National  Action Network. The meeting is being scheduled for next week.


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