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Altrusa’s “Dancing with the Stars” was simply amazing!

Austin Peay State University’s Music/Mass Communication Building played host to Altrusa’s Dancing with the Stars Saturday evening. The evening was emceed by professional dancer Louise Seawright, and Clarksville’s Best Buys host Art Conn. The contest was judged by Christy Corley-Sanders, Conrad Eddington, and Danny Baye, with the assistance of 100 random audience members who voted for their favorites from each round of dancing. Music was provided by the Cumberland Winds Jazz Project. The scores were tallied by Henry Martin from Stone, Rudolph, and Martin CPAs.

Dancing for the evening was Julie Knight Morris & Pro Jonathan Bungard; Tony Zuniga & Pro Krisa Pilszak; Karen Vickrey Meacham & Pro Dennis Woods; Cydney Miller & Pro Christopher Wayne; Valerie Guzman & Pro Chris Larsen; Garnet Ladd, III & Pro Juanita Simanekova; Ted Crozier, Jr. & Pro Selena Morano; and Eddie Farrell & Pro AnneMarie Fournier.

Ted Crozier, Jr and Selena Morano at the 2010 Dancing with the Stars
Ted Crozier, Jr and Selena Morano at the 2010 Dancing with the Stars

The Stars started off with 40 hours of training. First in weekly classes at Clarksville Dance Club beginning last August. This was Followed by two months of individual dance lessons with Louise Seawright. Finally, they spent time at Nashville’s Dance World training with their professional partners. Each team had to learn two very intricate dance numbers.

Every seat was filled in the 572 seat auditorium
Every seat was filled in the 572 seat auditorium

This was only the second year for Dancing with the Stars, but event has become so popular they were turning people away at the door as the theatre was sold out, all 572 seats. Next year they may have to move the event to the Dunn Center to accommodate everyone!

To introduce the stars to the audience, and to give them a glimpse of what being a performer in “Dancing with the stars” was like, each star was introduced and a short video of their training process was played for the audience. Afterwards each star did their number followed by comments from the judges, and after a bit of friendly banter with Louise Seawright they received their totals.

The dances were:

  • Julie & Jonathon’s did a Tango.
  • Eddie & AnneMarie did a Swing number
  • Cydney & Christopher did a Rumba
  • Tony & Krisa did a Waltz
  • Valerie & Chris did the Paso Doble
  • Ted & Selina did a Rumba
  • Garnett & Juanita did the ChaCha
  • Karen & Dennis did the Foxtrot

After a short intermission, the action continued:

  • Eddie and AnnMarie did a quick step dance with assistance from Christian Ferebee & Brooke Jone.
  • Julie & Jonathon did the ChaCha
  • Garnett & Juanita did the Tango
  • Cydney & Christopher did the Quickstep
  • Tony & Krisa did the Paso Doble
  • Ted & Selena did the Foxtrot
  • Karen & Dennis did a Swing number
  • Valerie & Chris did a Waltz with the assistance of Christian Ferebee.

At various intervals all pro dance numbers were performed for the audience.

After the dances were finished Altrusa presented a $2,000 scholarship check to Jennifer Jordan a non-traditional student. She is a student at the Daymar Institute, studying to be a Pharmacy Technician.

The Presentation of the $2,000 scholarship check to Jennifer Jordan
The Presentation of the $2,000 scholarship check to Jennifer Jordan
The Willis Clan
The Willis Clan

The Willis Clan performed while the tally was being tabulated. This multi-talented family of musicians and dancers wowed the audience with their energetic Irish step dancing and musical abilities.

All in all, the evening was non-stop action; and every single dancer performed like a pro.

However, there could only be one winner and this evening with 10’s all across the board the deserving couple was Ted Crozier, Jr. and Selena Morano. Their numbers were technically flawless and they danced as if they shared one body, one soul. They were presented with the award by last years winner Amy Orton.

Some of the judges comments

  • On Cydney & Christopher, Conrad said “Technically that was SEXY!”
  • When Julie & Jonathon danced Danny said “I didn’t like it at all, I LOVED IT!
  • Tony & Krisa got accolades from Christy when she said “Fred Astaire would be proud of you!”
  • After watching Ted’s gyrate those hips during his dance with Selena, Christy observed “Ted Jones has nothing on you!”
  • With Karen & Dennis, Conrad had just one word “Smooth!”
  • After a steamy number with Valerie & Chris, Danny said “Girl that was HOT!”
  • and with Eddie and AnnMarie, Danny said “Your Score just got bumped up one notch!”

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