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Beauty and the Beast Jr. at the Roxy brings back fond memories

They say your first musical will always be your favorite, and that is the case for me with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, it was the show that was playing when I first ventured into the Roxy Regional Theatre. Their professional production of this Disney classic sparked a continuing love of Musical Theatre in me.

So, when I heard that the Roxy was planning on staging Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. as part of their 2010 season I was excited as I saw it as as chance to revisit my first musical. And I wasn’t disappointed. Watching those young actors and actresses performing their hearts out, renewed that feeling of wonder that I experienced when I sat in the seats watching my very first show at the Roxy.

The show stars the very talented Humberto Figueroa (Austin Peay State University) as the beast; Hannah Carmona (Western Kentucky University) & Brianna Fuller (Clarksville Academy) will be switching out the role of the Enchantress/Belle for various performances.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast features some intricate vocal and dance numbers, and the students of Roxy School of the Arts nailed each one of them. Don’t let their age fool you, these students have had a lot of training, and that has allowed their talents to shine. The show features a large ensemble cast, some of whom passes through the audience at various points during the performance.

The Mob Song
The Mob Song

Patrick Long (Maurice) and Webb Booth (Lumiere)
Patrick Long (Maurice) and Webb Booth (Lumiere)

Each show has standout performers and in the performance I enjoyed, that honor goes Humberto Figueroa, Hannah Carmona, Webb Booth, Kari Muller, Christian Redden, and Haedyn King. All of the performers should be commended for their part in making this a must see show.

The sets were done using painted backdrops in pastel colors, which were accentuated by the stage lighting. Adam Kurtz has done an outstanding job with the lighting & sound on each of the productions he has been involved in.

Beauty and the Beast Jr will be running at the Roxy Regional theatre from May 21st through June 12th at 6:00 pm each night. So gather up the family and go down to see this wonderful show.

Photo Gallery

The Cast

Narrators Brooke Kowalski, Amy Wyer, Jinna Free
Beast Humberto Figueroa
Old Woman/Enchantress Brianna Fuller/Hannah Carmona
Belle Brianna Fuller/Hannah Carmona
Fish Man Liam Poland
Egg Man Andrew Hulse
Sausage Curl Girl Ally Campbell
Baker Jaymin Burr
Marie Kayla Coleman
Lady with Cane Sidney McCarty
Lady with Baby Angela Scott
Candle Man Ian Stanton
Hat Seller Jacob Ritchart
Shepherd Boy Nate Parris
Bookseller Hugh Poland
Gaston Christian Redden
Lefou Haedyn King
Silly Girls Allison Ferebee, Krista LaRocca, Michelle Lebkuecher
Maurice Patrick Long
Cogsworth Christian Boyd
Lumiere Webb Booth
Babette Joanna Patmore
Mrs. Potts Kari Muller
Chip Timothy Smith
Madame de la Grande Bouche Becca Winters/Angela Scott
Napkins Ally Campbell, Kayla Coleman, Reid Edington
Forks Averi Greene, JC Poland, Liam Poland, Tristan Sartor
Spoons Ali Arnold, Jaymin Burr, Nate Parris, Hallie Sampson
Vinegar/Oil Leannah Carmona, Jenna Meredith
Knife Ian Stanton
Candles Hugh Poland, Jacob Ritchart
Monsieur D’Arque Ian Pope

Musical Numbers

“Belle” Belle, Gaston, Villagers
“Belle (Reprise)” Belle, Silly Girls
“Home” Belle
“Home (Tag)” Mrs. Potts, Madame De La Grand Bouche
“Gaston” Gaston, Lefou, Silly Girls, Villagers
“Gaston (Reprise)” Gaston, Lefou
“Be Our Guest” Lumiere, Chip, Mrs. Potts, Servants
“Something There” Beast, Belle, Servants
“Human Again” Servants
“Beauty and the Beast” Mrs. Potts
“The Mob Song” Gaston, Villagers
“Home (Reprise)” Belle
“Finale” Company

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
Book by Linda Woolverton
Presented by the Roxy Regional School of the Arts.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by Music Theatre International, 421 West 54th Street, New York NY 10019. Script, music and all other material ©2008 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Beauty and the Beast Jr. and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. are registered trademarks of Music Theatre International. All rights reserved.

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Bill Larson
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