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Fronkensteen Experimental Theatre Group Presents Heart of Glass

A New Play by Robert Tonner

Heart of Glass Clarksville, TN – Fronkensteen continues it’s first season next week staging Heart of Glass by local playwright Robert Tonner.

Heart of Glass is the story of Tabitha, a successful officer in the Air Force, who tries to take back control over her life and kick out the piece of trash boyfriend that’s been leeching off of her while she’s been deployed. Robert Tonner, a former mission planner with the air force, says of his own play, “Everyone has been through, or knows someone who has been through, a really bad breakup.

What would happen if that other person just kept coming back into your life?” Heart of Glass strives to go past all of the clichés of stereotypical “break up” dramas and show that if we sometimes don’t get that perfect picture of romance in real life we seldom ever get that perfect end of the relationship either.

Ricky Young, the director of the production, has led the cast and crew to create the down and dirty reality of the story. “We’ve strived to make this as true to life as possible and not like the average soap opera. Robert and I especially collaborated to make sure that all of the facts and content dealing with the Air Force were accurate and cast the armed forces in general in the right light.” Fronkensteen hopes that the audience is genuinely moved as they watch this performance.

Heart of Glass runs June 1st-4th, 2011 (Wednesday thru Friday) at  8:00pm. The Coup is located at 819 Crossland Avenue Clarksville, TN. Tickets are just $ 7.00 each.

For more information, visit: www.fronkensteentheater.com Or Email us at: fronkensteentheater@gmail.com

About Fronkensteen

The Fronkensteen Experimental Theater Group (or Fronkensteen for short) is a group of local playwrights and directors dedicated to the production of new plays in the Clarksville area. It seeks to form a tight knit community of local theater artists and strives to create an accessible forum in which to make themselves known.


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