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Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, Private Provider take steps to Quarantine Additional Juveniles for COVID-19

Tennessee Department of Children's ServicesNashville, TN – The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and private provider Youth Opportunity Investments (YOI) have taken steps to quarantine additional juveniles in state custody at a Memphis youth treatment facility after a second round of testing resulted in further positive cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus.


Earlier this week, the department requested the Tennessee Department of Health and the Tennessee National Guard conduct a second mass testing of the juveniles who had initially tested negative at the Memphis Center for Success and Independence (CSI).

Results returned Saturday show an additional 17 juveniles are positive. Of the 48 total youth who were placed at CSI, 45 have now tested positive. None of the juveniles were showing symptoms as of Saturday afternoon.

The initial mass testing was conducted on April 22nd. Since then, three juveniles have been released to their homes as scheduled by court orders and in accordance with health department guidelines; 45 juveniles remain at the facility.

A total of 13 staff had previously tested positive. Of those, six have returned to work.

The juveniles who tested positive this week were separated from the youth who had previously tested positive. All youth are being closely monitored by CSI nursing staff.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and CSI have continued to work with the Shelby County Health Department, which is providing additional guidance on caring for the quarantined juveniles and cleaning the facility. CSI is following protocol for screening and care of the youth and staff and continues to conduct temperature checks and screen all staff for symptoms before entering the facility.

DCS has notified the parents of the youth who have tested positive.

CSI is operated under contract by Youth Opportunity Investments. It is a staff secured juvenile justice facility that offers a residential treatment program for male youth age 13-18 who have been adjudicated delinquent and placed into state custody. It has capacity for 48 youth and employees 66 staff.


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