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Clarksville City Councilwoman Trish Butler: April 1st Voting Session, Current Agenda Items

Trisha Butler - Clarksville City CouncilClarksville, TN – Hello! Ward 12 and Clarksville,

First and foremost please allow me to offer an apology for this being the first newsletter I have sent out since January. I appreciate your grace with me as I adjust myself to the new world of public service and policy.

Whether you get a bulk email or not please know you can always reach out to me with the following information,

Clarksville City Council Ward 12 - Trish Butler
Clarksville City Council Ward 12 – Trish Butler

Contact Information

Phone 931.933.1416 – This is my personal number, I don’t have a burner. You can call or text. I do consider texting appropriate, but I am available through both.

Email – ,

Keep in mind all emails sent are public record, so if you want a paper trail for accountability or transparency purposes this is the best option.

All my social media accounts are @trishabutlerTN. Keep in mind again that because I use these as public forums they could be treated as public record.

April Voting Session and Current Proposed Legislation

Our discussion session (called the “Executive” session) was scheduled for 25 March and was postponed to 29 March due to weather concerns.

I did not propose any ordinances this month but did ask for a resolution to be added in an attempt to facilitate a settlement offer in the case between the City and Franklin Street Corporation (better know as the Blackhorse/Robinson case). Some new information came down on Friday in regard to the federal level case and I will likely be moving to postpone my own item until we can have a session with our attorney in regard to the changes.

You can find the full agenda here:

And the recording of the discussion on 29 March here:

I always share the stream on my Facebook profile when we are live.

This month the greatest concern of mine is the Short Term Rental repeal. It passed on first reading and is looking like support has shifted and it may now fail. I am greatly disheartened by this because 75% of residents polled agree with the repeal. The Short Term Rental ordinance (Chapter 3 of the City Code) is a gross governmental overreach.



We have already contracted an outside company to “capture” rental owners and “force” them into compliance. What we are spending to do this is wasteful, more than the return. We are representatives and stewards for you, The People, and if this repeal doesn’t pass I will personally be heartbroken for our failure to uphold those responsibilities.

Ordinance 91-2020-21 is attempting to change the meeting time of the voting session (Regular Session) from 7:00pm to an earlier hour such as 5:30pm. I am specifically asking how this might affect you as a resident of Ward 12.

Please skim over the rest of the agenda and let me know if you have opinions on any of it! Your direct input is the best I have to vote your voice!

Always hold me accountable, my feet to the fire, and thank you for participating in YOUR City government!


Councilwoman Trish


(BEWARE, I am REALLY loud in the video below, start with the speakers low)


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