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Clarksville City Councilperson Brian Zacharias’ Ward 1 Newsletter, January 16th, 2022

Written by Brian Zacharias
Clarksville City Council – Ward 1

City of Clarksville - Ward 1Clarksville, TN – I hope this letter finds everyone well. Please read below for some information about the recent special session of the Clarksville City Council and upcoming events.

The Clarksville City Council met in a special session on January 12th to take up business originally on the agenda for the January meeting that was canceled due to weather.

Due to legal requirements, the zoning issues that were supposed to have their first reading in January have been postponed to the February meeting. The council voted on the consent agenda, which were items that had already passed the first reading in December, and two new items brought forth by the Finance Committee.
As I explained in a previous newsletter and in the comments on my Past and Future Votes spreadsheet, I abstained from voting on a resolution that included my appointment to the Airport Liaison Committee. I do not want my abstention from the resolution. I chose to abstain because I did not think it was appropriate to cast a vote in favor of my own appointment. I look forward to serving in this new capacity.

Although it ultimately passed, I also voted against a rezoning application that was presented to allow for a new mixed-use development neighboring the Rossview School Complex. As I mentioned before, my opposition to this development is due to the traffic and overcrowding situation that currently exists at the Rossview campus.

There are a couple of factors that I want to address. I am aware of the CMCSS redistricting plan and how it will alleviate some of the overcrowding at the Rossview School Complex as the new Kirkwood Schools are finished and begin operations.

This plan is going to displace a large number of students from their current schools and only takes the current population into account, not future developments that have already been approved (or have rezoning applications pending) where construction has not even begun yet.

The developer has agreed to contribute to the cost of a new traffic light at Powell Road and Rossview Road, which will help the traffic situation but again, there are a number of new developments that are going to bring more vehicles to that area. I will say it again, I am not opposed to the construction of new homes in this area, but I feel the rate of construction is outpacing improvements to the infrastructure in that area.

January 12th Special Session Agenda

Neighborhood and Community Services Committee Report

On January 10th, I attended my first Neighborhood and Community Services Committee meeting since my appointment to that group. It would be impossible for me to overstate how excited I am to serve on this committee. The Clarksville Neighborhood and Community Services office, led by Mr. Dennis Newburn, is passionately working to improve the lives of the citizens of Clarksville.

In the coming months, I look forward to being part of the process of reviewing applications and awarding federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to organizations ready to do work in our city. I would like to recognize Grants Analyst Brittney Cates for her outstanding presentation on the CDBG process. She had the unenviable task of explaining the program to several new committee members and she did an outstanding job!

I also want to recognize Vy Cornett for the quick and thorough work she did on an application that resulted in the City of Clarksville being awarded a $2.8 million federal grant to help protect the children of Clarksville from lead-based paint and home health hazards. Information about how these funds will be used to mitigate the effects of homes containing lead-based paint is forthcoming. Great work, everyone!

Legislative Effort Regarding Tow-In and Wrecker Services next to Residential Areas

Last week, I met with the directors of the Regional Planning Commission and Building & Codes, as well as the City Attorney, to discuss an issue that was recently brought to my attention by a resident of Ward 1.

I am concerned that the current City Code may not adequately protect residential property owners from the detrimental effect that these businesses can have on the property value of neighboring homes. I will keep you informed about this issue as it makes its way through the legislative process. In the meantime, send me your thoughts!

Past and Future Votes

Transparency in government, especially local government, is extremely important to me. At any time, anyone can click the ‘Votes’ button to see my complete voting history as well as ordinances and resolutions on the City Council’s agenda for consideration in upcoming meetings.


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