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Clarksville City Councilperson Karen Reynolds – Ward 9 Newsletter, May 3rd, 2022

Written by Karen Reynolds
Clarksville City Council – Ward 9

City of Clarksville - Ward 9

Clarksville, TN – Our meeting on Thursday included several rezoning ordinances, they are listed below.

In new business, there is an eminent domain ordinance that is necessary to build the Spring Creek Parkway. This project has been proposed for many years and now the city has funding and we must move fences and purchase property to widen the road.  
The government can only acquire private lands if it is reasonably shown that the property is to be used for public purposes only.
Building the parkway and acquiring the property were previously approved by the city council and are listed on the Traffic 2020 Plan. 
This parkway will relieve traffic on Wilma Rudolph.  Please review the ordinance in New Business and share your concerns or support for this project.

Planning Commission – Zoning Ordinance

AG Agricultural District
C-2 General Commercial District
C-5: Highway & Arterial Commercial District
M-3 Planned Industrial District
O-1 Office District
R-1 Single Family Residential District
R-2 Single Family Residential District
R-3 Three Family Residential District
R-4 Multiple Family Residential District
R-6 Single Family Residential District
Please reach out if you have concerns regarding the rezoning requests below, they will be voted on at the May 5th 2022 Regular Meeting.
ORD 101-2021-22  Mr. Ligon asked to withdraw the Intersection of Ford St. & Carpenter St. from R-3 to R-6 
Notes: This is the Red River District, and the area is currently undergoing a study to review the area to protect the historical black community.  I appreciate the builder agreeing to wait until the study is completed before presenting this ordinance.
ORD 109 -2021-22 Intersection of Gracey Ave. & Woodland St. from R-3 to R-6 
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 6 NUMBER OF ACRES: .24 +/-  Lots/Units:  2 Pop: 5
REASON FOR REQUEST: The owner plans to create affordable housing.  Currently a vacant lot.
ORD 110-2021-22 Intersection of Tiny Town Rd. & Tower Dr. from R-1A to C-5/R-4 
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 8 NUMBER OF ACRES: 8.48  Lots/Units:  72 Pop: 194
ORD 111-2021-22 Intersection of Cumberland Dr. & Eastland Dr. from R-2 to R-6 
RPC: Disapproval/Disapproval
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 6 NUMBER OF ACRES: 0.84  Lot/Units:  7 Pop: 18
Notes: Eastland Drive is narrow, and not in character of the surrounding area.
ORD 112 -2021-22 Located at the western temporary terminus of Merchants Blvd. from C-3 to C-5 CITY COUNCIL WARD: 11 NUMBER OF ACRES: 21.89  
Notes: Kroger and Publics are examples of C3, and only have shopping.  This allows motor vehicle-oriented uses.  Rezoning property allows for more variety of uses.
ORD 113-2021-22 Intersection of Dumas Dr. & Elm Hill Dr. from R-3 to R-6 – Application for Habitat for Humanity
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 6 NUMBER OF ACRES: 0.46 Lots/Units:  5 Pop: 13
Notes: Vacant lots slight slope 3 maybe 4 homes on property request due to setback requirements, rezoning to allow better use of the property. Roads will need to be widened.
ORD 114 -2021-22 Intersection of Providence Blvd. & Oak St. from C-2 to C-5
Notes: to expand the motor vehicle-oriented business.
ORD 115 -2021-22 Intersection of Madison St. & Conroy Ave. from R-4 /H-1 to OP/H-1 Historic Overlay District
RPC: Disapproval/Approval
Notes:  The home was built in 1924.  I reached out to the president of the Montgomery County Historical Society, and he indicated that the home has not been well maintained.  He indicated that he reached out to other members, and they support rezoning as office use of the building will be better than dividing it into 4 apartments.  The building will be used as a title company and law office.
ORD 116-2021-22 Intersection of E St. & Oak St. from O-1 to R-6 
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 4 NUMBER OF ACRES: 1.46 Lots/Units: 13  Pop:  35
ORD 117-2021-22 Intersection of Ashland City Rd. & Glenstone Blvd. from R-1 to R-5 
CITY COUNCIL WARD: 4 NUMBER OF ACRES: 6.23 Lots/Units: 74  Pop:  199
Notes:  to build owner-occupied townhomes in the proposed subdivisions to offer a mixture of housing and types in the development.  This is part of a 99-acre development.

Consent Agenda City Clerk 

ORD 92-2021-22 Amending the Official Code of the City of Clarksville Reapportioning the City of Clarksville for the Purpose of Electing Persons for the Office of City Council Member [Annexed Territory Along State Route 12 and East Old Ashland City Road]
ORD 93-2021-22 Authorizing the sale of property located 2015 Ft. Campbell Blvd. at public auction
ORD 94-2021-22 Designating depositories for the City of Clarksville further authorizing the City of Clarksville to enter into banking services contracts
ORD 95-2021-22 Amending the Operating and Capital budgets for the Fiscal Year 2022 for Governmental Funds (ORD 130-2020-21) to create and add additional funding for Capital Projects for a total of $27,460,000
ORD 96-2021-22 Intersection of Kelly Ln. & Crossland Ave. from C-2 to R-6
ORD 97-2021-22 Intersection of Plum St. and E St. from R-3 to R-4
ORD 98-2021-22 Intersection of Franklin St. & E. College St. from R-3 to R-6
ORD 99-2021-22 Intersection of Edmondson Ferry Rd. & Jen Hollow Rd. from R-1 to R-2
ORD 100-2021-22 Intersection of Needmore Rd. & E. Boy Scout Rd. from R-1 to R-6
ORD 102-2021-22 Intersection of Lafayette Rd. & Monarch Ln. from R-1 to R-6
ORD 103-2021-22 Intersection of Batts Ln. & Biglen Rd. from RM-1 to R-6
ORD 106-2021-22 Property fronting West Thompkins Lane from R-3 to R-6
RESOLUTION 61-2021-22 A resolution approving appointments to the After Hours Establishment Board, Board of Equalization, Board of Zoning Appeals, Designations Committee, and the Senior Citizens Board

New Business

ORD 107-2021-22 Authorizing the exercise of the right of eminent domain to acquire easements, property and rights of way required to facilitate construction of the Spring Creek Parkway project. Finance: Approval
Notes: The previous ordinance was passed when the capital project and the ordinance allowed the mayor to acquire the right of way to support the project.  Small amounts of land with the exception of one property (38)
ORD 108-2021-22 Authorizing the City’s purchase of the Sallee property with an award of entitlement community development block grant funds to the City Of Clarksville from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for expansion of Dixon Park Finance: Approval
 ORD 118-2021-22 An ORD accepting the donation of certain real property from Billy Mace D/B/A Bill’s Construction Company to the City of Clarksville for the purpose of a sewer pump station.

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