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Clarksville City Councilperson Karen Reynolds – Ward 9 Newsletter, October 17th, 2022

Written by Karen Reynolds
Clarksville City Council – Ward 9

City of Clarksville - Ward 9Clarksville, TN – It has been a busy month for me personally. I completed the portfolio requirement for my Master of Arts in Education, I have one more class in the spring and I will graduate.

I would like to remind residents to please reach out to me by email, messenger, or text message if you would like assistance or have a concern in your area.

This month I met with Dr. Habib, the new director of the Clarksville Street Department, to discuss sidewalks and streetlights. A resident reached out indicating their drivers missed the curve on rainy nights, the department agreed for safety reasons, to change out bulbs on the streetlights, it has made the area brighter. These are just examples.

In my last newsletter, I shared my concerns regarding letters the council has received regarding allegations of allegations of sexual harassment, workplace violence, hostile work environment, discrimination, and other serious matters centering on the Director. I had a meeting with Ms. Stacey Turner, the chair of the Roxy Board and we discussed how the board has addressed the allegations and the actions they have taken.
Ms. Turner indicated that it was important to note that there were no documented issues involving the children who participated in activities at the Roxy Regional Theatre. The board indicated they would review their actions for effectiveness in 6 months, I will reach back to Ms. Turner for a follow-up meeting.
I would like to acknowledge residents that have applied for boards and committees, they are filling the openings in the Tree Board, just a reminder the appointments are the mayor’s decision, the council has presented the choices for a yes or no vote.
The Tree Board met and one of the issues we discussed was that they will not replant the trees on Riverside Drive because there is water and sewer lines under the sidewalk and the trees could damage the infrastructure. The Clarksville Tree Board meeting in December will focus on discussing ideas for beautifying Riverside Drive within the scope of the Tree Board goals. This area is part of the TIFF that we recently approved, see note below, and I plan to invite members of the EDC. Please reach out if you are interested in this issue.
This month we recognized the Art Winners of the 2022 Tree and a Healthier Me Art contest sponsored by the Clarksville Tree Board and as well as residents and staff that supported the Healthy Yards initiative.

Your Vote and Your Voice Matter

There are four amendments in addition to the elected officials. The wording for the ballots is difficult to understand, one would think they are trying to mislead us???? I am including a link that provides the working of the amendments as well as a like to see your ballot and verify your registration. Please do your research and I will see you at the polls.

Link to 2022 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Link for GoVoteTN.com – see your ballot and verify your voting location


Planning Commission – Zoning Ordinance

AG Agricultural District
C-2 General Commercial District
C-5: Highway & Arterial Commercial District
M-3 Planned Industrial District
O-1 Office District
R-1 Single Family Residential District
R-2 Single Family Residential District
R-3 Three Family Residential District
R-4 Multiple Family Residential District
R-6 Single Family Residential District


October 6th, 2022 City Council Agenda and Video

Your Letters and Calls make a difference, please contact the City Council Members with your Comments and Concerns.

We vote on these items again on November 3rd, 2022. If you have concerns or additional information please let us know.

I voted Yes – Passed ORD 38-2022-23 located at the intersection of Tobacco Rd., South of Nussbaumer Rd, north of the Little West Fork Creek from R-1A to R-2 
Acreage: 84 Ward: 5 Units: 240 Population:
I voted yes because they will  tie into two entrances.
I voted Yes – Passed  – ORD 39-2022-23 located at the intersection fronting on the west frontage of Oak St. from R-3 to R-4 
Acreage: .55 Ward: 4 Units: 7 Population: 18
I voted Yes – Passed –ORD 40-2022-23 located at the intersection of Fair Brook Pl & Westfield Ct. from C-4 to C-2 RPC: 
Acreage: 11.6 Ward: 12 Units: 133 Population:  359
I voted yes because I was not able to get all the information, I needed to make my decision.  I would like to verify that they will connect to the parkway when the project is completed, this will be good for the community. There were stated agreements to road improvements.
I voted Yes – PassedORD 41-2022-23 located at the intersection Louisiana Ave & Kentucky Ave from R-2 to R-2A 
Acreage: .71 Ward: 4 Units: Not available Population

I voted Yes – Passed  – ORD 42-2022-23 located at the intersection of Old Ashland City Rd & Martha Ln from R-3 to R-4 
Acreage: 1.69 Ward: 7 Units: 20 Population: 54
I voted Yes – Passed – ORD 43-2022-23 located at the intersection of Greenwood Ave & Lynes St from R-3 to R-6 
Acreage:  .47 Ward: 6 Units: 6 Population: 16
I voted Yes – Passed  – ORD 44-2022-23 located at the intersection of Hollow Crest & Jim Brown Dr from R-2 to R-2A 
Acreage: .53 Ward: 2 Units: Not Available Population
I voted No Passed – ORD 45-2022-23 located at the confluence of the Cumberland & Red Rivers on the east side of the Cumberland River from MLUD Mixed Land use District to C-2 General Commercial District 
I voted against this, the area is part of the TIFF and I felt we should rezone this for a PUD which requires the builders to present their plans prior to approval.
I voted Yes – Passed   RESOLUTION 36-2022-23 A Resolution approving the abandonment of unimproved  right-of-way, south of Madison Street, east of Willow Heights, and west of Liberty Parkway
Consent Agenda – All items passed unless noted

ORD 23-2022-23 An Ord accepting the donation of certain real property from the Clarksville Montgomery County Regional Airport Authority to the City of Clarksville for the purpose of a Public Safety Complex
ORD 24-2022-23 An Ord amending the Official Code of Ords of the City Of Clarksville, Tennessee, Title 2 (Alcoholic Beverages), Chapter 5 pertaining to Entertainment District Alcoholic Beverage Consumption 
ORD 27-2022-23 located at the intersection of Reynolds St & Vine St from R-3 to R-6 
ORD 28-2022-23 located at the intersection of Banister Dr & Little West Fork Creek from AGto R-2 
ORD 29-2022-23 located at the intersection of Batts Ln & Columbia St from R-M1 to R-4 
ORD 30-2022-23 located at the intersection of Dover Rd & Kelsey Dr from C-5 /R-1 to C-2 
ORD 31-2022-23 located at the intersection of Market St & Mitchell St from R-3 to R-6 
RESOLUTION 35-2022-23 A Resolution approving appointments to the Arts & Heritage Council, Common Design Review Board, Ethics Commission, Human Relations Commission, Parking Commission and Regional Historic Zoning Commission
RESOLUTION 37-2022-23 A Resolution approving a retail liquor store certificate of compliance for sale of liquor at Favorite Liquors, 2570 Madison Street, Clarksville TN, 37043
RESOLUTION 38-2022-23 A Resolution approving a retail liquor store certificate of compliance for sale of liquor at Liquor Warehouse, 1790 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville Tn, 37040

New Business

I voted Yes – PassedORD 33-2022-23 An Ord of the City of Clarksville authorizing the Mayor, or his designee to conduct negotiations and to enter an agreement for purchase and acquisition of easements and/or property rights for a public purpose for intersection modification on Fire Station Road. 
I voted Yes – Passed –  ORD 34-2022-23 An Ord authorizing the reimbursement and donation of property located at 456 Shelby Street to Habitat for Humanity for community development 
Failed due to a lack of a second ORD 35-2022-23 An Ord amending the operating budgets for Fiscal Year 2023 for Governmental Funds (Ord 146-2021-22) to provide additional COVID Premium Pay for Department Heads Finance 
This ordinance would provide Premium pay to all the department heads-funds required are approximately $142,000. The mayor was very quick and did not allow for a discussion, I was very disappointed in his heavy-handed parliamentary procedure.  In full transparency, I was not going to vote yes, but I believe we should allow the conversation.
Already completedORD 36-2022-23 An Ord amending the Operating Budgets for Fiscal Year 2023 for governmental Funds (Ord 146-2021-22) to provide COVID Premium Pay for retirees and former deceased employees 
DeferredORD 46-2022-23 An Ord amending the Operating Budgets for Fiscal Year 2023 for Governmental Funds (Ord 146-2021-22) to provide additional COVID Premium Pay for Department Heads

I voted Yes – Passed –  RESOLUTION 32-2022-23 A Resolution authorizing the city to donate the tornado siren system to the Montgomery County Emergency Management System 
I voted Yes – PassedRESOLUTION 33-2022-23 A Resolution declaring the intent of the City of Clarksville, Tennessee to reimburse itself in a not to exceed the amount of $90,000,000 for certain project expenditures with the proceeds of general obligation bonds, notes, or other debt obligations to be issued by city finance committee.
As explained by Ms. Matta, the CFO, this is an administrative procedure that allows her department to obligate the funds we approved during our budget session.
I voted Yes – Passed  – RESOLUTION 34-2022-23 A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Clarksville Tennessee approving an economic impact plan for the Turnbridge/River District Development Area 
This project provides a rebate up to 15% of the project is eligible for tax rebate, supports the requirements for flood zone mitigation, and provides affordable housing.  Any apartments built are required to provide 10% of housing at the 80% income rate (see Section 3.12).

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