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Montgomery County announces Bi-County Landfill Fee Structure Changes

Solid Waste Management Board approves new fees for household waste

Montgomery County Government TennesseeMontgomery County, TN – Bi-County Solid Waste Management will change its fee structure for Montgomery County and Stewart County residents effective January 1st, 2023. The new fee schedule will apply to large loads from an individual’s primary residence.

The $5.00 landfill user fee will continue to cover small loads of bagged household waste and other miscellaneous items at the Dover Road Landfill and Convenience Centers that fit in a standard pick-up truck, SUV, passenger vehicle, or small trailer.

Small loads will remain free subject to verification of name, address, and up-to-date landfill user fee payments. Trailers are no longer accepted at the Transfer Station off Highway Drive due to traffic flow concerns.

Since Bi-County opened in 1974, Montgomery County and Stewart County residents have been able to dispose of unlimited trash with little to no cost. The $5.00 per month user fee did not take effect until 1997. A new fee schedule was presented to the Bi-County Board and approved at the November 2022 meeting.

“Bi-County Solid Waste Board Members and Bi-County staff do not take this change lightly. The research showed that we are well under the market rate,” said County Commissioner and Bi-County Board Chairman John Gannon.

Executive Director of Bi-County Landfill Mark Neblett stated, “We have been working on this proposal for a while now to make it as fair and low-cost as possible. Staff members spent a great deal of time researching what surrounding counties and others charge across Tennessee and the United States.

One example is Dickson County, which operates most closely to Bi-County, charging residents a $10.00 per month user fee and $54.00 per ton for large loads. No one wants to pay fees; however, it is remarkable we have made it almost 50 years without charging for load sizes.”

The fee schedule beginning January 1st, 2023:

  • Large trailers with large loads pay a $30.00 flat fee.
  • Medium trailers with large loads pay a $20.00 flat fee.
  • Mattresses and Box Springs are $10.00 each
  • Freon Appliances are $10.00 each.
  • Wood waste: first 500 lbs. covered by the user fee. Above 500 lbs., the rate is .023 cents per pound/$46.00 per ton.
  • Demolition loads will pay $2.00 less than the current commercial gate rate, at $10.00 per cubic yard.

Trailer sizes will be determined by yardage based on the length, width, and size of the trailer sides. Bi-County scale employees will work with patrons using reasonable discretion on the sizing of loads.

The fees collected will be set aside for the future purchase of an $800,000 mattress shredder to assist in processing mattresses and for personnel dedicated to pick up litter along Highway 79/Dover Road.

Mattresses are a complicated waste in landfills that cause leachate (garbage water) problems, compaction issues and costly equipment repairs. They must be dug out of the slopes, pulling equipment and employees from other projects. Additionally, litter and large items are becoming more common on Highway 79, even with Environmental Enforcement keeping a watchful eye on this section of the road.

“Highway 79 is the gateway to Stewart County and a major highway in Montgomery County. We owe it to the residents of both counties to ensure we are maintaining the litter in this area,” said Montgomery Mayor Wes Golden.

“We’ve become a more “disposable society,” finding it cheaper to replace an item than repair it. Bi-County has seen major increases in household waste and specialty items, including mattresses, which are banned in many landfills. The new fees are reasonable for the services offered compared to other locations that charge by ton, bag, or yard. When our transient military families call to inquire about solid waste disposal rates, they are often shocked there is little to no cost for the disposal of large household items,” said Neblett.

Montgomery County Mayor Wes Golden and Stewart County Mayor Robert Beecham, who attended the November meeting, both stated they are relieved to know there is a long-term plan for waste in their respective counties.

“After recently attending a conference with other mayors across the state and hearing the challenges they face with landfill space, we know we are blessed to have Bi-County Landfill. Operational costs are expensive and increase every year. We must look toward the future,” said Mayor Golden.

For questions about the additional fees for residents who take waste items to the landfill, visit mcgtn/bi-county or call 931.648.5751.


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