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Clarksville’s Planters Bank Hilldale Gallery to host International Photographer Paul Schatzkin’s “Portals of Stone” collection


Planters BankClarksville, TN – International Photographer Paul Schatzkin will show several pieces from a collection he’s titled “Portals of Stone” at the Planters Bank-Hilldale Gallery on Thursday, August 7th – Wednesday, September 3rd.

As a writer, photographer, musician, artist and entrepreneur, Paul Schatzkin has largely succeeded in his life’s principal aspiration: to flourish outside the corporate American mainstream.

International Photographer Paul Schatzkin

International Photographer Paul Schatzkin

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Stephen King is America’s Favorite Author


Mystery, Crime and Thriller Novels are the genre most read

New York, NY – The choices are endless — fiction or non-fiction, then, maybe science fiction, a thriller or a chick-lit book? Finally, which author?

A recent Harris Poll showed that Americans are reading, but what are they reading? And, who are their favorite authors?

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APSU’s 25th annual Halloween Concert continues entertaining


Austin Peay State University LogoTraditionally, the adjectives “creepy” and “scary” aren’t used to describe a musical performance, but on this occasion, Austin Peay State University music professor David Steinquest thinks they’re apt.

He used these macabre terms recently to describe the University’s annual Percussion Ensemble Halloween Concert. For the last 25 years, this strange blend of music and mayhem has set the mood for the October holiday, and it’s proven to be wildly popular among Clarksville residents.

“It’s a very family-friendly concert, and it’s always a sell-out,” Steinquest said.

At 6 and 8 p.m. this Friday, APSU musicians will once again don costumes and perform a mix of Halloween music in an eerily decorated concert hall inside the Music/Mass Communication Building.

The 2008 Percussion Ensemble Halloween Concert

The 2008 Percussion Ensemble Halloween Concert

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Clarksville Historic District gets “top spot” on Historic Preservation endangered list


Clarksville has made it to the “top spot” on at least one list in Tennessee, rising to the number one spot on the state’s “Ten in Tennessee” most endangered historical districts list.

The Tennessee Trust for Historic Preservation has put Clarksville/Montgomery County Historic Districts at in the number one spot on its 2008 list, according to an announcement released at a press conference on Friday, May 30 at the Old Supreme Court Chambers at the Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville.

“Properties in the downtown, Dog Hill,and Emerald Hill Historic Districts are threatened by recent Downtown Redevelopment and Urban Renewal Plan, which would designate two square miles of the historic downtown as “blighted” and give the city the power to use eminent domain to condemn and demolish structures for development. The National Trust for Historic Preservation calls the situation “the most significant threat to historic districts” it has encountered.” — Tennessee Trust for Historic Preservation. «Read the rest of this article»

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People searched, silenced at public forum; redevelopment questions go unanswered


An opponent of the redevelopment plan gets searched by the Clarksville PD after setting off a metal detector.The Castle Coalition, a national grassroots property rights group working on eminent domain issues, came to Clarksville Thursday to participate in a rally prior to the city’s public forum on the redevelopment plan held in the Burt School cafeteria on Thursday.

The rally featured Christina Walsh , Clarksville Property Rights Coalition Spokesman John Summers, Dan Brown of the Tennessee Preservation Trust and others. They addressed plan opponents and members of the press on the issues they perceive in the current version of Clarksville’s Redevelopment Plan. Summers and Brown have been frequent speakers at CPRC meetings.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

After the rally, the public forum began in the Burt School Cafeteria. with Mayor Piper making the first statement. The program continued with a presentation by Knoxville’s KCDC President Alvin Nance, followed by Downtown District Partnership board member and recent appointee to the Clarksville Housing Authority Frank Lott. The presentation given was identical to the KCDC video on the “Our view: The updated redevelopment plan still has major flaws” article; watching that video provided all the same information as last night’s forum.

Laws mean exactly what they say on paper; it does not matter what those who created it intended for it to say. What counts is in the actual letter of the law. Members of the City Council do not see any issues with the plan they approved, even though a common sense reading shows that this plan is faulty, open to major abuse, and was clearly intended to make it easier for developers to take private property from its owner and then profit from it. Mayor Piper and the council have denied that, but that is exactly how the currently plan reads.

Counting heads, the Fire Marshall allowed only 180 people inside the hall for the meeting, with another estimated 150 people turned away. [Editor’s note: At the Train Station meeting in December, more than 300 people turned out to oppose this plan.] CPRC members provided a list of the names and addresses of people who were denied access to this public forum: page after page was full of names and addresses. «Read the rest of this article»

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Join the fight against eminent domain abuse in Clarksville


Hands off my home

Several groups opposing the Clarksville Center Redevelopment and Urban Renewal Plan will hold a rally prior to the City of Clarksville’s public hearing scheduled on the Plan for this Thursday, March 20th, at 6:00pm. Opponents of the redevelopment plan should plan on wearing red clothing.

blight article headerAt 4:30pm on Thursday, the Clarksville Property Rights Coalition (CPRC) will hold a rally to protest the Redevelopment Plan and the recent new Plan Amendment proposed by Mayor Piper. The rally will be held in the parking lot across from Burt School, 110 Bailey Street, the location of the public hearing.

The Redevelopment Plan authorizes the use of eminent domain over more than 1,000 parcels of private property near downtown Clarksville. Under the Plan, government agencies have the power to condemn homes, businesses and churches then transfer the land to a private developer. The city approved the original ordinance and Plan last year, but failed to follow state law in notifying all affected property owners. A proposed amendment to the Plan has been prepared by Mayor Piper. The Amendment does not remove the condemnation provisions, but instead actually strengthens the eminent domain language. «Read the rest of this article»

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