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The Key to a Great Marriage


Love One AnotherClarksville, TN – Do you want a great marriage? I’ve got good news… it’s completely up to you, not your spouse.

If you want a great marriage, be a servant; serve your spouse. I use the word serve because that’s always been the way I’ve seen marriage – it takes work!

Serving someone, whether by loving them the way they need to be loved or doing something for them simply doesn’t come easily sometimes.

I believe that the loving part is equally a part of serving. Love your spouse by your actions and words. I know it may not be easy, especially if your love tank is empty, or if you’ve felt depleted for a long time already.

It’s not easy for me to love my wife unconditionally (agape love) all of the time, because, may times, I’m self-centered and focused on my own feelings, needs and desires. Does that sound familiar?

Maybe you’re in that boat right now and you’re not sure how to improve your marriage and maybe it seems like you two are always struggling. I’ve had those thoughts before too. The only way around myself is to think like a King. How would He handle this situation?

Remember, that Jesus Christ came to serve, not be served (Matthew 20:28).  The more we love our spouses [whether it’s by an act of service, buying them a special gift, lifting them up with genuinely encouraging words, spending some quality time with them {without a tv screen involved} or touching them the way they need to be touched (massage, brushing their hair, etc.)] the more we become like Jesus.

His love never fails, nor should ours.

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    Mat Lasater

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