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Singing Cowboy

Break the habitThere are over 8.5 million Americans including my own mother who are living with tobacco-related illnesses. With this in mind “The Truth” saddled up a horse, found a cowboy with a hole in his neck as a result of smoking, and asked him to sing a little ditty…

Part of the “Truth” anti-smoking ads, a singin’ cowboy rides through the streets of NYC, mechanically intoning a cowpoke song through his tracheotomy voicebox.


“You don’t always die from tobbaco,
sometimes you just lose a lung,
Oh, you don’t always die from tobbaco,
Sometimes they just snip out your tongue,
And you won’t say worth a heck,
With a big hole in your neck,
( Cuz you don’t always die from tobacco )
Cuz you don’t always die from tobacco.”

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
Bill Larson is  is politically and socially active in the community. Bill is a member of the Friends of Dunbar Cave. You can reach him via telephone at 931-249-0043 or via the email address below.

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