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Maury County TN Sheriff Under Fire for Racial Profiling of Hispanics

Maury County Sheriff DepartmentOn Friday, June 22, 2007 at 5:00 pm there will be community meeting in Columbia, TN to address the racial profiling and discrimination of minorities in Maury County. The US Justice Department has been notify and are looking into the matter.
The Hispanic Organization for Progress & Education (H.O.P.E), NAACP (State Level) and the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Coalition, we will be hearing the concerns of a fearful community. The Hispanic community is being told not to attend the community meeting because the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will conduct a raid on the premises. There have been two raids in Columbia, TN that has netted 124 undocumented immigrants. Because of these raids there is outright Racial Profiling that has now spilled over into the Indian and Pakistani communities.

Many are being stopped, questioned, and later let go only after finding out that they are not of Hispanic origin.  I wonder how many of these incidents go unreported.  This is totally against the law and we are now dealing with a Sheriff Department out of control. This county does not have the 287 g program that is currently in operation in Davidson County.  The hoods have come off and there is now open discrimination going on.

Maury County Sheriff Enoch George said, “The department is not targeting anybody”.  George also stated, ‘I can’t just walk up to someone and ask to see their identification,” he said.  “Probable cause does not need to be established before any detaining can happen.”

I have talked to the Mayor of Columbia and it’s Chief of police who have both stated the value of the Hispanics in Maury County.  The Chief of Police has even asked for H.O.P.E. to give in-service training to all of his police officers.  H.O.P.E. is currently giving in-service training to the police force of Clarksville, TN.  

We must all understand that if we do not stand up to this racist department it will only mean that others will fall.  I served 21 years in the U.S. Army and understand the security of our borders, however don’t use public security as a reason to attack defenseless people based their nationality and skin color. 

Pastor Tommy Vallejos, Director of H.O.P.E: (931) 320-4741

Terry McMoore, Director Urban Resource Center, (931) 378-1999



  1. Danger Will Robins!

    These raids seem to serve two purposes.

    One, so the government can pretend to care about enforcement while they carny sell us on a new comprehensive immigration bill. The only parts of any of the other comprehensive bills they implemented were the amnesty and gravy parts for the illegal aliens. They never do get around to the enforcement parts of the bills. Except as some sort of political maneuver.

    Two, seems to be to help establish sanctuary cities.

    This is what has happened over and over in regards to the immigration raids in California.

    1. ICE will hold small raids.

    2. The newspapers will start in with the poor illegal aliens being to scared to take their children to school.

    3. Public meeting for the illegal aliens will be organized. In cities around the San Francisco Bay Area the police were involved coaching the illegal aliens how to circumvent the law. Many of the meetings were held in Spanish.

    4. The honest people got upset and formed their own groups. Many visited their city councils. This is the link to one of the news stories of the aftermath.


    5. There will be proposals of making the city a sanctuary for illegals!

    I’m sorry if I have offended any of you and I do wish you all the best with upcoming events.

    P.S. Many in the police departments here are glad to see us stand up to what has been happening to our nation. I’m sure they will be where you are to.

    Many honest people are forming groups in their cities and visiting their local city council meetings.

    1 Find a place for a meeting. Libraries or coffee shops are good.

    2 Let your local news in on what you are trying to do. Patriots or Minutemen are good key words that will let others know what your group is about.

    3 Hold a meeting. Get a small group of people elected to help keep things organized and your group functioning.

    4 Visit your local city council or other public meetings and let them know how you feel.

    Rallies are a good way to let people in your area know what your group is about. Let the police know when you have a rally planned. To keep your group going it can be helpful to have a flyer ready to let people know of your next meeting or rally.

    P.S Work on building up your contact list.

  2. You know what? I do not live in Tennessee, but I praise God for what the Maury County law enforcement are doing. It’s about time our people take back our country, and drive the illegal invaders out. You should be proud of them, and the nation is watching your efforts. Don’t bow down to these craven fifth-columnists who are trying to destroy our country. God Bless Maury County!

  3. I looked up craven (cowardly) and fifth columnist (of persons within a country who secretly aid its enemies). What a neat way to describe free speech. I hope the American Indians do not get wind of this “take back the country, driving invaders out” or the Iraqis for that matter. Oh that’s right, we pretty much decried, defeated and defiled them. Thankfully. God bless us.

  4. If my car was stolen I would give the police a description of my vehicle to include the color (white), national orign (made in America, distinctive features (Lincoln Town Car), age (born in 1994), proof of US manufacture (citizenship) or origin (vehicle title), legal status (registered as a legal US vehicle with DMV), tax status (all state and county taxes paid), etc.

    If the police stop a driver of another vehicle that looks just like mine and tell the driver they are looking for a stolen vehicle that looks identical to the one they are driving and would they please show proper ownership of the vehicle;
    would you consider that profiling?

    It concerns me a great deal when certain individuals intentionally attempt to mislead the public by confusing the issue of illegal immigrant (one who is violating American law) with profiling of American Hispanics (one who is a legal citizen). If you are an American citizen and have the documents to prove it; why would you be concerned by being stopped by the police and being asked just a few simple questions to prove you are not the criminal (law breaker). You would be helping law enforcement by eliminating yourself as a suspect. If you are a green card holder the same applies.

    I have visited many countries around the world. Some of those countries were being challenged by disident groups, terrorists, criminals, and other individuals who were breaking the laws of that country. I did not scream “profiling” when, as an American, I was asked to produce my passport and visa. I treated the authorities with politeness and respect and received the same in return.

    There are those in our community that proudly say that they have a spouse or family member who is illegal. They ask the public to overlook that their family member is breaking the law. Do they expect the same for drug dealers, child molesters, rapist, murderers, drunken drivers, etc.

    Our society is based on rules and laws. If we decide to only obey the laws that benefit us, then our way of life endangered.

    Don’t be fooled by those who wish to confuse the issue. If you don’t have legal documentation to be in the USA; you are illegal. You are a criminal, you are breaking the law.

    If you are a legal American of Hispanic, Asian, European, African, Canadian, Russian, or any other descent; you should not feel threatened when being asked by the authorities to show your legal status. Remember, if we had paid more attention to the status of illegal individuals in our country we might have prevented 911.

    If anyone has the moral right to complain about illegal profiling it is the legal Americans of Japanese descent who were rounded up and placed in detention camps and deprived of their property and rights under the law.

    If you want to hear the true cry of anguish, visit an indian (our name for them, not theirs) reservation and see the unemployment, poverty, and loss of dignity forced upon them by Americans!

    So stop confusing the issue of illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants are Americans – Illegal immigrants are criminals.

    What part of illegal don’t you understand?

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